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ABM College is a fully accredited post-secondary institution in the provinces of Alberta and Ontario, Canada.

ABM College is a friendly and welcoming campus with a variety of helpful resources available to all students. We are committed to providing support for all students and their families while they study with us. See our helpful resources below to find everything you need to know about student life at ABM College.

What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a distinction granted to institutions that meet or exceed the stated criteria of educational standards and quality. The purpose of accreditation is to:

  • Assure consistency in institutional activities
  • Provide public accountability
  • Assess and enhance the educational standards of an institution
  • Promote institutional development in terms of education quality and facilities

What Does This Mean For ABM College?

  • High-quality curriculum
  • High-standard campus facilities and educational resources
  • Credit transfer options
  • Financial aid
  • Professional success

Regulatory Bodies

All Canadian provinces and territories have their own regulatory bodies that grant licenses and provide accreditation to private institutions. ABM campuses in Toronto and Calgary are accredited accordingly:

  • The ABM College campus in Calgary is accredited and licensed through the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education. Visit Alberta's official website or ALIS for further information.
  • The ABM College campus in Toronto is accredited and licensed through the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, Ontario. Visit Ontario's official website for further information.

Ethical Advertising

ABM College adheres to ethical standards for advertising, and follows appropriate guidelines and practices for marketing or promoting our learning programs. These include The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and all provincial ethical requirements where applicable.

We Love Feedback!

If you have any questions or comments about ABM College or our accreditation, contact us today, we’d like to hear from you.

"I recommend ABM College to almost everyone I meet; great opportunity, friendly staff, I feel valued, appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded, which keeps me motivated mentally and physically. The administration, faculty and staff are truly dedicated and committed to the school community as a whole.”

Edelniamy Channel

I loved every minute of going to ABM College, I felt they prepared me so well for my course and for whats to come after I graduated. I could not be happier with my education and now my successful career as a Health Care Aide. - Kelly Reis

Kelly Reis

True to their slogan "Education that gets you hired".

Realyn Darines

I very much recommend this school - the staff and teachers were awesome and very friendly. Proud ABM College graduate!


Studying at ABM College was a big jumpstart on my entire career, I was working in an oil and gas company for almost 11 years and when the economy crashed, I went to ABM College and enrolled in the Health Care Aide certificate. A week after I graduated, I applied and got the job I am at now. Most of my co-workers are from ABM College so I highly recommend it.

Edelniamy Channel