There are many reasons why you should choose ABM College for career training. An ABM College diploma provides students a high-quality education that helps to actually get them hired into their chosen career, one that provides opportunities to transition into their new job as soon as possible. To make that happen, our faculty and staff make a commitment to quality instruction and dedicated student services. Here are all the top reasons to choose ABM College:

Professional Instruction

We hire industry-experienced experts with highly rated reputations to teach our students. Having practical experience in the field helps our instructors to design courses which meet the needs of potential employers. Through their practical knowledge and in-depth understanding of their field, our instructors provide a rich learning experience.

Immediate Program Intake

We offer a rolling monthly intake system for most of our programs and courses, which means students can start their education as quickly as possible, any time during the year. The time slots for our classes were created to accommodate students who may have other commitments or a busy personal life.

Student Financial Aid

We understand that paying for higher education can be intimidating, so we offer quality student financial advisory services to help our students gain access to public or private student loans and any extra funding available such as scholarships and bursaries.

Small Class Sizes & Free Tutoring

Students can get lost in large, anonymous classroom settings; not at ABM College. We limit our class sizes so instructors have more time and space to focus on individual student needs, which enhances your quality of education. Free tutoring is also available for students who want extra assistance understanding course material.

Flexible Class Schedules

We understand that sometimes higher education is not the only priority in life, which is why most of our programs offer flexible class schedules. Students can choose between morning, evening and weekend class times for their program of study.

High Employment Rate

Over the years ABM College has developed an excellent rapport with industry employers in business, technology, and health care. ABM College students can look forward to strong employment prospects after graduating. We continue to build a legacy of graduates that embark on successful careers in the business, technology, and health care industries. We are proud to say that the majority of our alumni quickly gain employment within their chosen fields.

Employer-Focused Training

Employers in the business, technology, and health care industries seek well-trained graduates who have the right skillsets and best understanding of industry practices. There is a continued demand for highly skilled employees who also bring real-world experience to the table. In response, we offer a competitive and versatile curriculum based on the on-going research and analysis of the labor market trends. As a graduate, you can directly transfer into the workplace thanks to training that allows you to succeed long-term.

Career Counselling Services

ABM College is delighted to offer all of our students and alumni access to career services, with individual career consultations. Our team of career counsellors offer advice and help with the job search process from start to finish. Book a consultation online.

Practicum Placements

We believe that academic knowledge and practical exposure go hand-in-hand. As a result, we require students to complete designated practicums for almost all our programs, in order to ensure they have comprehensive exposure within their chosen industry environment. This will provide each graduate with a competitive edge for job-ready placement thanks to actual industry experience.

On-Site Adult ESL Classes

If English is not your first language, but gaining higher education is your passion, we can connect you with ESL classes to help ensure you meet the language requirements for your program of study.

Career-Focused Programs

Whether you're training for a career in health care, business, or technology, ABM College’s career-driven programs ensure that you're using the most up-to-date tools and methods used by experts in your field. All of our programs and courses have a keen focus on providing students with professional career training. This allows students to jump ahead of their competition once they graduate with a polished resume and enhanced interview skills. Our career counselling also teaches students how to present themselves professionally to employers and colleagues and how to maintain best industry practice.

Ideal Locations

Situated in central locations within Calgary and Toronto, ABM College campuses are easily accessible by major roadways and public transit routes.

Academic Advisors

For students who need help understanding the education and study process while in their program, we have academic advisors on campus to answer any questions and provide insights so students are set up for success.

Government Accredited

ABM College is fully accredited by the appropriate provincial regulatory bodies to operate at our two campus locations in Calgary and Toronto. We ensure our courses meet the standards set by the Government of Alberta, as well as Ontario, for a career training institute. Our students have access to the highest quality of education and industry training within their chosen career field.

Student-Focused Atmosphere

From the first day onward at ABM College, each student is immersed in a friendly and supportive learning environment. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping you prepare for your new career through quality instruction and dedicated student services.

top five reasons to choose abm college

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"All staff are very nice and approachable. With all my dedication, I completed my course as HCA, with the help of my teacher and ABM College.They give advice to their students and guide us on the right track. And in two months, I was hired. The training and knowledge given by ABM College helped me a lot to be an effective Health Care Aide."
Roderick Albrando

"ABM College has a great selection of courses, where classes are designed with the students’ needs in mind. Also, the staff there are very friendly and genuinely want to help their students succeed. They take care of their students during their studies and after graduation, in terms of finding a practicum or a professional job in their designated fields. Not only that, the college is a short walking distance from a train station and easily accessible via more than one bus route."
Nazia Chowdhury