ABM College prides itself on providing students a fun, rewarding and worthwhile education experience. We value our students' and alumni's perspective on their experiences, which is why we follow up with our students to get their feedback. Here’s what some of our former students had to say about ABM College:



~ Ashley. R. HCA

Our classes are very energetic and interactive; our instructor is so encouraging of us, and her instructions are always very clear! ABM College is very inviting, comfortable, and I can always count on past students – they have even taken the time to help me with my studies!



~ Abdulkadir S. HCA

I was a student at ABM College, starting in May 2012 as a part of the Health Care Aide program. I graduated after only six months and I had a good time learning in my class with my instructor and class mates. I recommend ABM College because it is a wonderful college, and has helped me find a job at a health care facility shortly after graduating.



~ Luladay .W. MOA

I was referred to ABM College by a friend and I chose this college because of the flexible hours and program start dates. I enjoy working with and helping people. I have returned to school after immigrating to Canada from Ethiopia to gain more knowledge and prepare myself for a new and rewarding career in Canada.



~ Juliemol. P. HCA

I like ABM College because of the good will of the institution as a whole. I have one of the most experienced teachers in the field, and such friendly and helpful classmates!



~ Manuel. S. HCA

I like ABM College because it has a very accommodating atmosphere, with some of the best teachers I have ever had. I've made life long friends here at ABM, and I couldn't of asked for a better educational experience


Harriet Agadagbe

~ Harriet. A. HCA

the school environment here at ABM is fantastic. The college holds monthly dinners recognizing the hard work of its students and other events which I really loved. ABM cares about its students, from its administrative staff to the amazing instructors, this school takes the time and effort to provide what ever its students' need to be successful in the work force



~ Mohammed. S. HCA

I've had a great time attending ABM. What I like most about the college is how the instructors have time to help and answer any question you may have, and the advanced tools provided in their facility to let us have a more hands on learning experience



~ Brian. A. HCA

ABM has a great facility with everything I needed to become a skilled healthcare aide. ABM really gave me an experience that felt as close to working in a nursing home or hospital as humanly possible. I would recommend ABM to anyone looking for education that is authentic to the real job that is health care aide.


Becky Kundert

~ Becky. K. HCA

its been a great experience attending ABM. my instructor has had a ton of experience being a licensed nurse for decades. the things I've learned from her, I feel will stay with me till the end of my days. From what I've learned at ABM, I'm ready to help those who need it most, and provide a service, both me and my employer can be proud of.



~ Wintoh. W. HCA

I love how ABM College constantly promotes friendship and team work, especially my HCA instructor, Amber. The hospitality at the school is immeasurable, and the staff there attends to everybody without discrimination.


Elizabeth.jpg ID

~ Elizabeth. K. HCA

It’s always been my dream career to be able to earn a living by helping others. I’ve always gained a sense of fulfillment by lending a hand to someone in need. Through the Health Care Aid program, I have been able to turn this dream into my reality. I want to personally thank my instructor for being so supportive and encouraging.


Agnes.jpg ID

~ Anges. G. HCA

I’ve learned a lot about becoming a Health Care Aide through the help of my instructor who always encouraged me to ask questions. I’m proud to say that I have earned both my Alzheimer’s and CPR certificates, through hard work and determination.


Juana Perez_3087

~ Juana. P. HCA

Although I’ve only attended this college for a month, I can say that I enjoy every minute of time that I spend here. The class timings are also very accommodating - with morning, evenings, and weekend slots. The administration is amazing and you can tell that they really care about their students.

Jessie.jpg ID

~ Jessie. V. PH

One of the reasons why I love ABM is because of the flexible class timings that the institution offers to help accommodate to the needs of working parents and adults. There is also free parking and refreshments are provided to students on a daily basis!


Admasu Woldegyoris .jpg ID

~ Admasu. W. PH

The instructors are highly trained and knowledgeable on the courses/subjects that they teach. Management is also very helpful, and they are always there to answer any questions that students might be having. Thank you ABM for your support.


Reyna Joy.jpg ID

~ Reyna. J. MOA

ABM is very culturally diverse – every day I learn something new from my classmates. It’s fascinating to learn about so many different cultural backgrounds, and stories, and we are all united through ABM!


Jisela.jpg ID

~ Jisela. M. PH

I am in the Pharmacy Assistant program and I absolutely love ABM College. We have student appreciation/achievement awards every month, with performances and presentations – I always look forward to them. ABM College is like a second family to me. The instructors, staff, and faculty are all amazing individuals, and the time that I spend at this institution will be memorable.