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    n the intricate tapestry of healthcare, there exists a pivotal role that bridges the realms of clinical expertise and administrative finesse: that of the Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk. This multifaceted position is far more than just paperwork and scheduling. It is about being the frontline ambassador of care, the reassuring presence for patients, and the organizational backbone of medical facilities. We will delve into some of the main reasons choosing this career path could be immensely rewarding, the requirements to start you on this employment path, and one of the popular employment opportunities that await you.

    Reasons to Become a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk

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    A Medical Office Assistant takes on a very unique role. To become a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk means you will balance clinical and administrative duties. Medical Office Assistants and Unit Clerks contribute to the health and wellness of communities as you are often the first point of contact with the public. As you look over your options for health career education programs, consider the advantages the Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk career like personal fulfillment, advancement opportunities, career stability and more. 

    Personal Fulfillment – Along with the pride that comes with the role of becoming a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk, you will also be honing your medical related knowledge and skills on a daily basis. With this career, you will be interacting with vulnerable patients from a diverse range of backgrounds. You can build relationships with patients and people on a daily basis and provide compassionate care. 

    Advancement Opportunities – Once you’ve completed the course to become a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk, you will have various opportunities to advance your career by pursuing additional training. A great example would be if someone were interested in perusing a career as a nurse, might consider an education in nursing. After gaining experience many Medical Office Assistants and Unit Clerks take advantage and will advance to the position of office manager, which brings more responsibilities and higher compensation. 

    Income – According to Alis Alberta, Medical Office Assistants and Unit Clerks in 2024 have the potential to earn an average salary of $49,772 a year or average wage of $27.25 an hour. With experience, these salaries will continue to rise. Depending on your experience in the industry and geographic location, your income can vary. 

    Career Stability – With the health care industry becoming more technology driven and more facilities move to the 365 days a year 24/7 model of hospitals and emergency clinics, there will always be a need for Medical Office Assistants and Unit Clerks. With this career, you are not limited to hospitals but you can explore careers in clinics, private practices and more. 

    What Skills are Needed to Become a Medical Office Assistant?

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    Embarking on a career as a Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk (MOA) offers a rewarding pathway for those passionate about healthcare and dedicated to exceptional customer service, particularly in client communication. Serving as the frontline interface, MOAs play a crucial role in establishing positive initial impressions, as patients often encounter them before meeting with a physician. Therefore, possessing outstanding communication and interpersonal skills is paramount.

    The key to quality medical office assistant training is to find a trusted medical office assistant course online. At ABM College, we are committed to equipping you with a comprehensive foundation in essential areas such as medical terminology, infection control, disease prevention, billing, and coding. Beyond these fundamentals, success in the MOA field also hinges on proficiencies in time management, multitasking, critical thinking, organization, a strong work ethic, and confidentiality. By excelling in these domains, you can thrive in this dynamic profession.

    Moreover, our institution encourages you to leverage your practicum or work experience to showcase your abilities and exceed expectations. Recognizing the burgeoning opportunities within the healthcare sector, ABM College emphasizes the importance of maximizing practical learning experiences. With the healthcare industry continually expanding, the demand for skilled Medical Office Assistants & Unit Clerks is on the rise, presenting abundant avenues for growth and advancement.

    Outpatient Care, a Growing Market Across Canada

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    What is an outpatient clinic? An outpatient is someone who goes to a hospital of clinic for a procedure which does not require an overnight stay. The term outpatient clinic can refer to a number of different medical facilities. These can have highly specialized types of care, or they may offer general care, like urgent care facilities. Such clinics may be designated “outpatient” because they are attached to hospitals but do not serve those requiring overnight hospitalization. That said, this type of clinic does not have to share facilities with a hospital, and some are not located on hospital campuses.

    Between 2024 and 2028, the Outpatient Care market in Canada is anticipated to grow by 3.1 billion CAD. Outpatient clinics are just one of many workplace options for a Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk.


    In a landscape where healthcare is evolving at a rapid pace, the role of Medical Office Assistant stands as a beacon of stability and growth. As the demand for outpatient care burgeons and healthcare facilities embrace technological advancements, the need for skilled professionals in this domain becomes more pronounced than ever. These indispensable skills are well within your reach, and ABM College stands ready to support your journey. Contact us today to embark on a fulfilling career path in healthcare.

    Embracing a career as a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk isn't just about securing a job; it's about embarking on a journey of continuous learning, meaningful interactions, and impactful contributions to the well-being of communities. So, if you're considering your options in the realm of healthcare careers, remember: the path of a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk isn't just a profession; it's a calling – an opportunity to make a difference, one compassionate interaction at a time.

    At ABM College we offer all the training you need to become a Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk in just 54 weeks!

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