Top 7 Trending Jobs in Business for 2022

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    pportunities in a wide range of disciplines with significant earning potential are offered by careers in business. Your credentials give you the ability to work in a variety of sectors, like finance, marketing, or sales. Finding out about the various alternatives that are available to you might assist you in selecting a position that matches your interests and skill set. 

    In this blog, we’ll go over the top seven trending business careers for 2022 that are high in demand, and these include:

    • Marketing Manager
    • Accounting Clerk
    • Human Resources Managers 
    • Financial Planner 
    • Business Administrator 
    • Sales Representative
    • Project Manager

    Marketing Manager 

    Within a company, a marketing manager is in charge of the marketing division's operations. These experts design and implement marketing plans that raise customer demand for the company's products and brand awareness. Target markets are researched and identified, market trends and competitor offerings are tracked, the company's branding is consistent with its mission and values, and marketing materials are reviewed prior to campaign launches by marketing managers.

    By 2028, it is anticipated that more than 19,000 new marketing, public relations, and advertising management positions would be available in Canada. A number of factors, such as increased competition and the need to be as judicious as possible with marketing expenditures, are contributing to an increase in demand in this industry. The complex world of online and offline marketing, which can encompass conventional techniques as well as social media, SEO, SEM, PPC, and website marketing, is a landscape that marketing managers assist organizations in navigating.

    Accounting Clerk 

    Bills, invoices, inventory reports, account statements, and other financial statements are among the crucial financial papers that accounting clerks assist in creating for businesses. Accounting and payroll clerks are essential to sustaining operations as businesses expand in a post-pandemic environment.

    More money is exchanged as a result of an expanding economy. Additionally, in highly competitive industries, companies cannot afford to pay their own invoices incorrectly or overlook delinquent invoices. Accounts payable and receivable clerks ensure that invoicing processes are managed on time and work to collect money owed to the company. For people who want to advance into higher-level firm accounting roles or learn more about business finance, this is an excellent position as well. It’s also simple to get into the field as an accounting clerk as you only require one year of training and education. 

    Human Resource Manager 

    The company's human resource functions, such as hiring and workforce management, are supervised by HR managers. This is one of the most sought-after careers in 2022. Employing HR managers with prior experience leading a team of HR specialists with expertise in everything from talent acquisition and onboarding to employee benefits and training is essential for businesses.

    Increased employment means more workers for firms. That adds to the workload for human resource specialists, which may lead to an increase in staffing levels to handle employee needs. To assure compliance with labour laws, boost employee happiness, lower attrition, and scale up employees and skills to support future expansion, many Canadian businesses are looking to hire HR specialists.

    Financial Planner 

    For both individuals and families, financial planners create individualized financial strategies. They examine the goals, financial resources, lifestyle choices, and net worth of their clients. They offer advice on how clients might reach their financial objectives. Over the period of 2019–2028, national labour demand and supply are anticipated to be roughly in line for this occupational group.

    In Canada, it’s not necessary to have a degree in finance to work as a financial advisor or planner. However, you do require a certain level of comprehension and expertise in the areas of investing, insurance, and money management. You will need to enroll in certification programs, which can be a financial planner diploma program, and register with a regulating authority in the end in order to start your career. 

    Business Administrator 

    Because it tops the list of most in-demand post-secondary qualifications, business administration is a fantastic choice. A business administration specialization could also help you get ready for a variety of well-paying jobs with above-average development potential. 

    One of the interesting aspects of obtaining a degree or diploma in Business Administration is having the option to study courses that are applicable to these several different careers. It will help you in an approach to gaining a foothold in the corporate world that encompasses a wide range of duties, the possibility of increased growth, and the earning power that comes with it is to combine prior work experience with this kind of training and background.

    Sales Representative 

    Sales jobs are in demand, but talent is limited. External customers and clients are cultivated and maintained by outside sales professionals. They strive to locate new customers, get in touch with them, and pursue sales leads. The market, the target market, or the particular needs of the customer may influence how outside sales agents modify their sales approaches. It’s one of the highest-earning professions and you can add more for yourself through commission and bonuses. 

    Internally, direct sales reps investigate rival companies and develop plans to boost sales to the outside world. They support the preparation and execution of sales projects by making direct sales to customers. These specialists can create a distinctive, individualized clientele through direct sales. The income potential varies by province, but in many provinces, you can earn up to 100k or more. 

    Project Manager 

    A project manager is in charge of supervising the steps and procedures needed to finish a project successfully. This entails managing both the workflow and the tasks that people carry out. They keep an eye on how a project is developing and adjust as necessary to fulfill the needs of their clients.

    Even though project manager typically delegates responsibilities to their team members, it's crucial that they have a similar level of expertise. Since they may implement a range of project management methodologies for several projects at once, project managers require great multitasking and organizational skills.

    We hope this blog was informative and gave you an idea of the trending jobs and careers in business for 2022 and beyond. If any of the above-mentioned jobs interest you, you can get a head start in the field with ABM College’s business programs

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