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    software developer must acquire certain techniques and tools in order to succeed, just like in every other business. Although there is no shortage of tools and libraries for software development, in this article, we’ve distilled the top five tools that are significant for every software developer. 

    These tools act as ready guides for software developers to deliver excellent work and gain an edge over others. 

    Let’s get started with learning about the top five tools for software development.

    Git and GitHub

    Software developers and programmers should check-in and check-out code every day, thus having a solid understanding of source control repositories is essential. In addition, you need to be familiar with more complex ideas like branching and merging to be a successful developer.

    Today, the terms "source control repository" and "version control tool" are interchangeably used to refer to Git and Github. It’s important for software developers to be well-versed with Git and Github because they are currently the most essential tools for a coder. Practical knowledge in these tools can be gained during a professional course that you may enroll yourself in. You get to apply this knowledge in reality when you pick up internships with a company and gain relevant industry experience.

    SQL (Structured Query Language)

    Software developers working on SQL

    It’s essential for software developers to become proficient in this additional programming language or technology. The language used to interact with the database is called SQL, or Standard Query Language. You can read, update, and delete data from tables using SQL.

    A thorough understanding of SQL helps software developers gain a better understanding of the databases used extensively in today’s world. A developer should be able to build sophisticated queries employing join, aggregate functions, subqueries, and other advanced functionalities in addition to being familiar with fundamental commands like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.


    Software Developers need to learn Python for coding and development purposes.  Python is a strong, high-level, and extremely adaptable object-oriented programming language. Python may be used to develop practical scripts to automate tasks, much like Java allows you to do so.

    Additionally, it features many modules that enable nearly anything, including machine learning and access to the file system. It is the ideal language for someone wanting to learn computer programming for the first time because it also offers basic, user-friendly grammar.


    This is another technique that is popular in the realm of cloud computing since it makes it simple to scale an application. The days of purchasing a server, configuring its infrastructure, and then spending weeks delivering applications are long gone.

    With tools like Kubernetes and Docker, you can simply scale up and down your application to handle a traffic spike and save costs. If you automate the scaling process, Kubernetes can build on what Docker delivers and elevate it to a popular solution in today's cloud-native environment. 

    Text Editors + IDE (VS Code)

    A software developer working on different tools for software development

    Every software developer should be familiar with at least one text editor. Knowing a text editor is usually helpful because software developers handle a lot of text. Some powerful text editors include VS Code or NotePad++, in addition to NotePad, which is a fantastic, ubiquitous, fundamental text editor.

    They allow regular expression search and replace as well as Macros, both of which will be quite helpful to you in software development and completing your daily job.

    AWS (Cloud Platform)

    The use of cloud computing has swept the globe. Every other business has switched to the cloud. The cloud offers superior scalability, high availability, and cost savings whether you are a startup or a large investment bank with a century-long history.

    Additionally, AWS is the largest and oldest provider of public clouds. Understanding AWS is essential for any developer since it provides insight into how to create and implement your application without having to purchase a server.

    Now, starting a business is simple since all you need to do is build your application, and AWS will customize everything, including running and scaling the program, keeping logs, keeping records of data, and more.

    Excel (Productivity tool)

    Another crucial tool for developers and software engineers is Microsoft Excel. Excel is much more versatile than you might think, so don't just think of it as a spreadsheet program.

    The fact that you will use Microsoft Excel everywhere is the main justification for learning it. From corporations to BA, QA, and project managers, everyone uses it. It can be used to create reports, automate processes, do reconciliations, and much more.

    By understanding Excel features like VLOOKUP, you can do more than just copy and paste data into it.

    Final Thoughts

    Now that you know the latest tools that a software developer must be able to use, you can choose how to master them. 

    By taking up a Diploma in Software Development from ABM College, you can work your way up in this career. 

    Contact us to know more about the program. 

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