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5 Exciting Careers You Can Get With a Software Development Diploma

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    oftware development is now used across all industries and is rapidly growing — more so than other careers. Because of this, you can choose which industry you want to apply these skills to since the possibilities are limitless. 

    With technologies advancing and new ideas always developing, the knowledge that you gain through a software development diploma can land you in some really exciting fields. In this blog, we’ll go through five of the many careers that you can have as a software developer. 

    Applications developer

    A software development course will help you to create and maintain different programs, applications, and softwares on different devices, whether that’s laptops or smartphones, and across many different operating systems including Windows, Mac/iOS, Android, Linux and more. 

    As an applications or app developer, you’ll be in charge of identifying what’s needed to make an application work and making the programmable code to ensure that it runs smoothly and fix any bugs or issues that it might have. With a vast amount of existing softwares and always room for more, there’s lots of opportunities in this area. 

    Web designer/developer

    As a web designer, depending on your skills and experience, you can be working on the underlying databases (known as back-end), the interface and the visual designs (front-end), or both, which is known as full-stack development. A software development diploma will usually help you learn front-end first, and then you can work your way beyond that. 

    Similar to an app developer, you can work across many devices and operating systems. One website can be completely different from the other, and you can have various projects depending on your clients — a few of the factors that help keep the job exciting in the long run. 

    Game developer 

    This could be the path for you if you are highly creative and enjoy aspects like storytelling and world-building. As a game developer, you’ll be involved with designing and engineering games across mobile, console, PC, and more. A software development course can help you learn many of the languages that you need to know in order to make your game ideas come to life, such as C++ and C#. 

    You’ll also be involved in increasing the capabilities of the game and adding updates. From time to time you’ll also need to keep up with the wider gaming community to know how people are enjoying the game and listening to criticism and feedback for how you can improve it. 

    Cybersecurity analyst 

    As a cybersecurity analyst, you’ll be working in a fast-paced environment requiring quick problem solving and decision making skills, protecting software from criminal activity and stopping hackers from infiltrating databases and computer systems. You may be required to use all your skills at a moment’s notice, or be prepared for a cyberattack at any given time. 

    A software development course can give you the skills that will help you move forward in this career. Alternatively, you can take a cybersecurity diploma if you want to specialize in this industry particularly. 

    Forensic computer analyst 

    Similar to cybersecurity, you’ll be dealing with criminal activity. As a forensic computer analyst, you’ll be using specialized softwares to investigate cybercrimes, retrieving information and data related to hacking, scams, fraud, illegal communications and more. You can use what you learned from a software development course and apply that to this job. 

    Learning software development languages, database frameworks, design fundamentals, networking and communication will make you a well-rounded candidate for any of these jobs. It will also give you a wide variety of industry options that you can choose to work in. 

    If you’re interested in any of the industries mentioned above, ABM College’s Software Development Diploma can help you get there, making you ready for your thrilling career in just 56 weeks. Learn more about how you can apply today or visit our blog for more industry information and news. 

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