Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Cybersecurity Career

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    ybersecurity has evolved in recent years as a preferred career choice due to increased opportunities in the field. Companies have been investing heavily in cybersecurity to prevent cyberattacks or mitigate their risk, making this vertical a crucial area of job growth. 

    Cybersecurity programs have also seen a surge in the number of people opting for them to enhance their employability. Studying the basics and gaining the required skills can help you become a successful cybersecurity expert.  

    Are you still confused about whether to choose cybersecurity as a career? In this blog, we’ll talk about the top five reasons why you should pursue a career in cybersecurity and what are the options available to you once you graduate. 

    The top five reasons to study for a Cybersecurity diploma are: 

    • A Booming Industry
    • Unlimited Growth Potential 
    • High Salary Range 
    • Chance to Work With Secret Agencies 
    • A Stimulating Job

    Let’s look at each point in detail.

    A Booming Industry 

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    According to a recent Statista report, the Cybersecurity market revenue is projected to reach US$159.80 billion in 2022. By 2027, the cybersecurity market is projected to reach a value of US$298.70 billion, with revenue predicted to rise at a 13.33% CAGR over that time.

    Cybersecurity has emerged as a booming industry globally. Cybercriminals have been quite active in finding ways to induce cyberattacks in systems for data breaches in both government and private sectors. Cybersecurity is a feasible career option, which is expected to provide many opportunities in big data, the internet of things, and cloud computing, as cybersecurity experts are high in demand to protect the company networks and systems. 

    Unlimited Growth Potential 

    A cybersecurity professional works like a digital security guard

    There is a significant demand for workers in the field of cybersecurity, which is undoubtedly one of the fastest expanding in Canada's tech sector. Toronto, being one of the tech hubs of Canada, offers huge job opportunities in cybersecurity. ABM College provides a cybersecurity diploma that equips you with the knowledge and experience you need to excel in the field.  

    The sophistication of cyberattacks is increasing every day. Cybersecurity experts have to continuously make efforts to defeat malicious hackers, repair holes, and assess the danger to an enterprise. In a field that is always developing, combating such attacks requires ongoing study and in-depth investigation. This implies that as soon as you learn cybersecurity and begin working, your knowledge continues to expand, and as you gain experience, your wisdom grows as well. It provides immense potential for both personal and professional growth when you choose cybersecurity as a career. 

    High Salary Range 

    A male employee working on cybersecurity project

    Once you graduate from a cybersecurity diploma program, you have a chance to get into the league of highly paid IT professionals. The jobs offered in cybersecurity are among those that offer fat pay cheques eventually once you gain experience. 

    With reports of major cyberattacks appearing often, the need of the hour is to tighten cybersecurity. Faced with online threats, businesses and government organizations are searching for specialists who can defend their systems from cybercriminals and are prepared to offer high compensation as well as training and growth. Cybersecurity salaries have a higher potential for development than 90 percent of other industries and senior security experts may make significantly more than the median wage.

    Chance to Work With Secret Agencies 

    A red team employee exploiting other systems

    If you dream of working with secret agencies or being in the system to protect organizations from serious digital damage, you can do so as a cybersecurity expert. There are immense opportunities if you want to take up a cybersecurity job with the Canadian government. You get to help the community as a whole and also work in the field of your interest. 

    Cybersecurity professionals stand a good chance of landing jobs at Fortune 500 firms, and those who merit the opportunity to work with top-secret government and intelligence services, have a way to go. Therefore, if you study cybersecurity, you could end up as a top-secret agent!

    A Stimulating Job

    A digital forensics specialist working on a case

    Cybersecurity, as a field is always changing. The sector not only experiences new advancements every day, but the workflow is equally interesting and unique.

    You must be dedicated to learning if you want to study and work in this industry. You have to be committed to the field due to its changing nature. Additionally, hackers keep coming up with new ways to steal data, thus cybersecurity experts need to be prepared to recognize and stop these threats even before they materialize.

    Because of the nature of the field, hiring managers and experts appear to favour individuals who are knowledgeable and eager to learn more. When compared to technical capabilities, critical thinking abilities are frequently thought to be more crucial.

    Final Thoughts 

    In today’s technologically advancing world, all organizations must install safe networks and systems, and employ cybersecurity experts to keep them secure from cyber risks. 

    Knowing the reasons why you should consider cybersecurity as a career, you can make an informed decision about enrolling in a cybersecurity program to get the right skills. 

    ABM College offers a comprehensive cybersecurity diploma program that prepares you to be a cybersecurity expert. 

    Thinking of opting for cybersecurity as a career?

    Contact us to learn more about how we can help you. 

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