What You Can Do With A Cybersecurity Diploma

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    ybersecurity is the protection of digital systems, programs, and networks from attacks. If you have a keen interest in digital technologies and desire to work in a fast-paced, thrilling environment, then this could be the career that suits you. 

    Getting a cybersecurity diploma can open up your options to different careers — it’s not just a linear path. In fact, there’s many things that you can do with a cybersecurity diploma, because cybersecurity has become something that we heavily use in our daily lives. This is because of our new-found and continuous reliance on technology since its advancement in the past few decades. 

    A cybersecurity diploma will allow you to work in nearly every industry because all of them store confidential information, software, and more. These areas includes but are not limited to: 

    • Government: Stores large amounts of private and sensitive information of citizens. All that can be accessed and compromised if there’s a cyberattack. 
    • Healthcare: Stored devices such as pacemakers could be exploited and the consequences of this could even be detrimental. 
    • Finance and banking: Assets, intellectual property and people’s hard earned money need to be properly protected in the existing cyberspace. 
    • Energy: A cyberattack can access industrial control systems, data, and can even end up causing damage to infrastructure.  
    • Transportation: Can be vulnerable to digital attacks whether it’s air, ground, and even on sea and compromise information such as passport numbers. 
    • Communications: this includes online shopping transactions, email and other messaging, browsing activity which may have personal information. 

    Cyberattacks can happen to any person, company, or entity at any time, so that’s why they need professionals in this discipline to keep them and their information safe. There’s many jobs available in the field as well. With constant technological advancement and an increase in doing everything digitally, there’s a demand for cybersecurity professionals. 

    Job titles for cybersecurity can include Cyber Security Specialist, Cyber Security Agent, Information Security Analyst, Security Consultant, Cybersecurity Analyst, Cyber Security Advisor, Information Security Specialist and more. 

    In Canada, the number of jobs for cybersecurity professionals is growing annually by seven per cent. In fact, there is actually a shortage of people working in this field, so as a graduate of a cybersecurity diploma program, you will be a competitive candidate for available positions. 

    With ABM College’s Cybersecurity Diploma Program, you can get started in your career in just 70 weeks and do your part to better society by keeping information private and transactions secure. Learn how you can apply today or read more education and employment tips on our blog

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