The Things Dads Do… A Quick Chat with Amazing Dad, Ryan

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    e are turning the calendar page to the third Sunday in June. On that day the world will roll out the drums for the great heroes of our childhood and even beyond - fathers. 

    They work two jobs or more to keep the lights on at home, they drive us to school and soccer practice. They give us our first cycling lessons, and our first driving lessons. They teach us how to fish, and how to use the lawn mower. They teach us how to play chess and they beat us on Xbox games on our way to becoming pros. They are there every step of the way. We turn out amazing because they are awesome.

    We reached out to one of the world’s most amazing dads - Ryan Barbiran - and we had a quick chat about fatherhood and his exploits in general. By the way, did you know there are about 1.5 billion dads in the world?

    Ryan graduated from ABM College’s Medical Office Assistant Program in fall, 2022, winning the college’s graduation social media contest. 

    He has since settled into a career with his diploma.

    Let’s Talk to Ryan:

    What is the most exciting part of being a dad?

    Ryan: For me the most exciting part of being a dad is the time I spend with my kids, watching them grow, seeing some changes in their personalities, seeing their interests, skills, and talent and development. Those are the things that make me happy, and I really treasure them.

    How did you manage daddy duties while attending ABM College? 

    Ryan and family with Santa Claus at Christmas
    Ryan and family at Christmas
    Ryan: It's just a matter of time management for me. My classes were online. Before I start class in the morning, I make breakfast for them first. During my break, I take the chance to play with them, or even watch a kids’ movie with them. 

    How do you cope with stress?

    Ryan: I cope with my stress by unwinding, I take my family to the mall, shop, and eat in a nice and fancy restaurant. If we feel too lazy to go outside, we just have a movie marathon at home and order food.

    Why did you choose to go back to school?

    Ryan: I just wanted to try to study here in Canada, since I graduated in the Philippines. I felt it would be more challenging and I wanted to refresh my memory in the Medical Field as well. 

    Why did you choose ABM?

    Ryan: One of my co-workers referred ABM College to me. I researched and I saw good reviews, so I decided to enroll.

    What's the most exciting father's day present you've ever given?

    Ryan and is wife, Karyl, on his graduation day at ABM College
    Ryan and his wife, Karyl
    Ryan: My dad is in the Philippines so, I make sure every Father's Day I always call him and greet him first and I will surprise him by sending him something special - order food from a nice restaurant with a little gift.

    Final Thoughts

    Ryan concludes that he is the luckiest dad in the world because he knows his family loves him just as much as he loves them. And just as we mentioned in our gift guide for Father’s Day, this amazing dad doesn’t care much about material gifts from his family. 

    A final word from Ryan to dad’s looking to move ahead in their careers: “to all the wonderful dads out there, just follow your dreams. Don’t stop believing, strive hard, work hard. Always think about your family, they will serve as your inspiration for you to achieve your goal. And most important, always have a strong faith in God, he will help you in your journey to success.”

    From ABM College to all the other amazing dads out there, keep being amazing and Happy Father’s Day.

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