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Tekla Structures Software — What is it?

Tekla Explained

Tekla structures software is used in the early design stages of constructions for steel detailing and concrete structure in a building’s design to ensure stability. The software is a building information modeling (BIM) tool used to fabricate steel structural drawings in 3D that combine concrete on top of the bare bones structure of a building, saving you time. These 3D drawings provide information on how sturdy the design is and determines the safety of the project. The 3D simulations work by adjusting the drawings based on any edits you make to the plan and display the results in front of you to make corrections and changes.

The key features of Tekla software include design communication, data management and conceptual planning. This ensures you can design constructible models and save time spent in real world construction.

Trimble recently announced updates to the software that deliver enhanced features and improvements of the old favourites, as well as, increased mobility, and better collaboration on projects. They ensure the software allows for better usability, control and productivity. 

What Tekla Structures Software is used for

Structural design is the most important aspect of a new building, to ensure its safety and determine the cost of the entire project. A steel designer will use Tekla to develop designs that will work in the real world. This allows for better project management and ensures you stay ahead in the construction industry.

Tekla training course help you learn this important software so you are ready to help develop structural designs for any company.

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