Reasons to Become a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk

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    Medical Office Assistant

    A Medical Office Assistant takes on a very unique role. To become a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk means you will balance clinical and administrative duties. Medical Office Assistants and Unit Clerks contribute to the health and wellness of communities as you are often the first point of contact with the public. As you look over your options for health career education programs, consider the advantages the Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk career like personal fulfillment, advancement opportunities, career stability and more. Personal Fulfillment – Along with the pride that comes with the role of becoming a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk, you will also be honing your medical related knowledge and skills on a daily basis. With this career, you will be interacting with vulnerable patients from a diverse range of backgrounds. You can build relationships with patients and people on a daily basis and provide compassionate care. Advancement Opportunities – Once you’ve completed the course to become a Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk, you will have various opportunities to advance your career by pursuing additional training. A great example would be if someone were interested in perusing a career as a nurse, might consider an education in nursing. After gaining experience many Medical Office Assistants and Unit Clerks take advantage and will advance to the position of office manager, which brings more responsibilities and higher compensation. Income – According to Alis Alberta, Medical Office Assistants and Unit Clerks have the potential to earn an average salary of $37, 718 a year. With experience, these salaries could rise. Your average wage could lead up to $26.52 an hour. Depending on your experience in the industry, your income will vary. Career Stability – With the health care industry becoming more technology driven and more facilities move to the 365 days a year 24/7 model of hospitals and emergency clinics, there will always be a need for Medical Office Assistants and Unit Clerks. With this career, you are not limited to hospitals but you can explore careers in clinics, private practices and more. More Information

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