Make Your Health a Priority for Global Employee Health and Fitness Month (May)

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    f you are fit, you can work brilliantly but if you are not fit, then it will affect your health a lot. The quality of your work is largely based on your health. The workplace environment should also play a crucial role in letting you have a good healthy life. If you have a healthy work culture you will enjoy your time on the job and feel invigorated. Conversely, if you are working at a place where you are stressed all the time, then your productivity will surely suffer alongside your mental and physical health. 

    Organizations need to prioritize employee health and fitness by offering wellness programs, promoting work-life balance, and creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. By investing in the well-being of their employees, companies can improve morale, increase retention rates, and ultimately enhance overall productivity and success. 

    Global #EmployeeHealthAndFitnessMonth

    In 1989, the National Association for Health and Fitness initiated a campaign to promote employer investment in their employees' health. Over the years, this initiative has expanded from a national to a global event. So May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month.

    The Importance of Good Health 

    Let’s hear from Evander Lim, Digital Strategist at ABM College and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, on the importance of having and maintaining good health. According to Evander, “Saying fitness has improved my health is an understatement. It has transformed my life!” 

    Flashback to the days when I was a teenager and an adult who had just entered the working world, I was rather sickly to the extent of getting asked “Are you feeling ok?” all the time. Before embarking on my fitness journey, I tried several sports but never stuck to them because they always needed someone to play with and not all my friends had the time. In high school, I was on the kayaking team and loved it, but since that is a weather and equipment-dependent activity, it wasn’t an accessible sport for me to pursue.

    Evander during her fitness class
    Evander Lim, Digital Strategist at ABM College and a Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

    Finally, one day, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for a gym membership with one of the most popular chains in town thinking that the monetary investment would not only motivate me to stay active, but also enjoy and stick to it without having to worry about the weather or my friends. That was when my fitness level soared as I started taking group fitness classes at least 4x a week from cardio kickboxing to weight training. I watched my diet but occasionally indulged (fun fact: I’d never say no to chocolates!) and ran regularly to build my stamina. Not long after, my body started feeling stronger, I could run longer, and most importantly, I didn’t fall sick as much and felt SO much better. At that time, parents being parents, I know my parents were not entirely happy that I restricted my diet so much but coming out of a sickly body and going into a healthy one was really what I needed at that time.

    Flash forward to today as a Group Fitness Instructor, thanks to the fitness instructors at my first gym and the YMCA instructors who inspired me. I love spreading the joyful feeling I had to my participants as I see them moving and sweating away in my class. Even within my family, my husband, my kids and I never fail to keep ourselves moving by either working out or swimming at the YMCA, or running, biking, skiing, kayaking, and hiking outdoors. In fact, the resolution I made with my class participants is to stay “healthy, strong, and happy”. Because without a strong body, you won’t be healthy, and without good health, you won’t be happy.

    I wish everyone good health and happiness in whatever you do! In my class, I always say “I don’t care what you do, just keep moving!” And I am now saying the same to those who are reading this. Even in a workplace setting, it is essential to prioritize your happiness and maintain focus on your tasks. By cultivating a positive mindset and dedicating yourself to your work, you can enhance productivity and satisfaction in your professional life. Remember to take breaks, engage in activities that bring you joy, and strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Your well-being is paramount, and by staying active, happy, and focused, you can achieve success in all aspects of your life.

    Useful Techniques to Improve Your Health

    Let’s hear from Usha Sharma, Instructor for ABM’s Addictions and Community Service Worker program. “To be fit, employees need to develop their self-care routine and be mindful, which could be anything, for example, going for a walk, spending time with friends, practicing meditation, or spending time in nature. I place a lot of emphasis on self-care and self-compassion. Employees are prone to burnout and exhaustion, and to avoid that, workers need to understand that they need to take care of themselves, set boundaries, and maintain a work-life balance.”

    Usha Sharma, Instructor Addictions and Community Service Worker

    Some of the techniques that may be helpful include:

    • Taking Breaks 
    • Applying Stress Management Techniques
    • Practicing Mindfulness Practices like 3 minutes of breathing, body scan techniques
    • Spending Time with Friends and Family
    • Yoga and Exercise
    • Positive Affirmations

    *Most importantly, do things that you love

    Fitness and Fun Friday at ABM College 

    ABM Staff while enjoying Friday Fun
    Friday Fun at ABM College

    ABM College is invested in its employees' health and fitness. Every Friday, all the employees engage in #funfriday activities which includes exercise before having a healthy lunch together. The motive behind this Friday fun according to President Dr. Baten is to bring everyone together and foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among the staff. He focuses on having good health and fostering a spirit of cooperation to achieve a common goal. Keep up the fantastic work in promoting wellness and unity at ABM College! Here at ABM College, every student is considered as a vital part of the organization. The school embodies its motto, “Education that gets you hired.” If you are looking forward to joining an online diploma program, the school offers varied online diploma programs in Technology, Business, and Health. It’s up to you to choose which one will kickstart your career. 

    To learn more about the programs we offer, please contact us. One of our admissions advisors will be happy to help you. A good workplace means a good place to study. So don't delay it, join now and grab the best opportunities. 

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