Looking Back on 2023: A Year in Review

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    n 2023, ABM College experienced a year filled with celebrations and events. The year's highlight was undoubtedly the graduation of more than a thousand students who completed their studies and prepared to embark on their professional journeys. These graduates were filled with joy and excitement as they entered the workforce, equipped with the knowledge and skills gained during their time at ABM College. The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for the college and its graduates, setting the stage for a promising future. 

    Apart from this, it is pertinent to mention that ABM College is proud to have added three new programs and a new Winnipeg campus to the ABM family in 2023. 

    Journey of the Year 2023

    2023 was a busy one from start to finish with numerous events finally culminating in our recent annual holiday party. Team ABM attended various job fairs throughout the year to hire for a variety of positions and build new networks with people and companies. Events from graduations to multicultural day to donating blood and many more were part of ABM College's 2023 journey. Let’s delve deeper and see how these events were a success and added to its achievement list. 

    Spring, Fall, and Winter Graduation

    Image by Juan Cofre

    It was a proud year for ABM College, and a marvellous achievement for more than a thousand students as they graduated in 2023. Students stepped into the journey of a new life chapter ending one with success. A recent graduate Howard Bio from the Web Design & Development program says, “After so many struggles I was able to graduate. Thanks to my instructors and classmates who helped me achieve this milestone. Last but not least, thanks to ABM College for helping me in every situation.”

    Valentine’s Day

    Image by Juan Cofre

    A day where every staff member receives uplifting messages from other staff members. It was a perfect day for spreading love and affection towards each other. ABM staff celebrated Valentine's Day with fellow employees sharing heart-shaped note cards with words of appreciation. The attached pictures convey the love in the air among employees working together with positivity. Apart from this, Employee Appreciation Day was an event where all the employees gathered for group pictures with their teammates. 

    Career Fair at ABM College

    ABM College hosted its latest career fair on May 25th, and it was full of valuable information from industry experts! The fair was attended by many job seekers, as well as representatives from a wide range of companies and organizations. Employers from a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, technology, and more, were present at the fair. They were eager to connect with job seekers, and many of them had one-on-one talks with the attendees. 

    Multiculturalism Day

    Image by Juan Cofre

    At ABM College, Canadians from all backgrounds are respected and given a meaningful platform to showcase their talent and skills. 

    The president of ABM College appreciates diverse celebrations, and the staff was encouraged to participate as this is the best time to learn from everyone about their unique traditions and cultures.  

    Stampede Breakfast

    During Stampede Breakfast
    Image by Juan Cofre

    In true Calgarian fashion, ABM College hosted a Stampede breakfast in 2023. Many people in the Calgary community and prospective students have always enjoyed our Stampede Breakfast in the past. Take a look at the photo of the stampede breakfast at ABM College. 

    Worthy Causes

    ABM Staff while donating for Calgary Food Bank
    Image by Juan Cofre

    The staff of ABM College proudly supports blood donation, charity for those in need, food banks, and other good causes. All the staff members were encouraged to do the needful and be a helping hand to those less fortunate. The team collected gifts for The Magic of Christmas and non-perishable food items for the Calgary Food Bank

    Ending 2023 with an Annual Holiday Party

    ABM Staff while posing for holiday party
    Image by Juan Cofre

    ABM College organized its annual holiday party in 2023 to end the year on a positive note and is ready to kick off 2024 with renewed energy and resolutions. ABM College always strives to foster relationships and build new connections. Everybody present there had great fun and made memories to cherish for 2023. 

    Moving Ahead to 2024

    As the year 2023 is ending, we are moving ahead to 2024. It’s time to have new resolutions, new hopes and new standards to let this School grow alongside its newest students. 

    Let’s see what 2024 brings for us!

    Happy New Year from Us to You!

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