Glitz and Glam - ABM College Annual Holiday Party 2023

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    arties are always fun, but the enjoyment is different when it comes to an annual holiday party. Employees wait the whole year to enjoy this celebration with their co-workers for extra fun without the day-to-day stresses. ABM College organized its annual holiday party in 2023 to end the year on a positive note and is ready to kick off 2024 with renewed energy and resolutions. In this blog, we will delve into the highlights of ABM College's annual holiday party in 2023, capturing the essence of the event and the positive impact it had on our community.

    A Festive Backdrop

    Team abm posing during the party
    Image by juan Cofre

    The stage was set, and the excitement was palpable as employees eagerly gathered to celebrate this special occasion. The celebration provides an opportunity for everyone to unwind, socialize, and reflect on the achievements and challenges of the past year. Jho, our creative host, and talented anchors CJ, Naomi, and Nathan left no stone unturned to keep the energy level high for everyone present there. They did their best to ensure that this event was a memorable one, creating an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie. 

    A Day to Remember

    ABM President, Dr. Mohammad Baten

    The party began with an opening speech from ABM President, Dr. Mohammad Baten, in which he offered appreciation to all the staff members for being part of ABM College and making it a successful journey. He fosters building good relationships which in return helps them achieve better growth and a successful career. Dylan McBride, HR Operations Manager followed up with a retrospective of a challenging and rewarding year.

    Fun-Filled Activities

    ABM King and ABM Queen

    The hall was filled with joyous moments. From entertaining performances to interactive activities, they created an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie that resonated with everyone present there. There was even a fashion competition where employees were nominated by their peers to walk the ramp and win the titles of ABM King and ABM Queen. A total of 20 employees participated in the contest. Kiran from the Marketing Department bagged the title of ABM King, and Sandi Dube from the Academic Department won the ABM Queen. All the joyous moments culminated with a ‘Secret Santa’ gift exchange. Along with this, other performances including dance performances were there. Employment and practicum department won the bet performance title. 

    Ending the Year on a Positive Note

    Image byJuan Cofre

    The day was celebrated in a way to mark the holiday season and bid farewell to the current year, while looking forward to the upcoming one with renewed energy and resolutions. ABM College always strives to foster relationships and build new connections. 

    Impact on the Community

    Team ABM while delivering food at Calgary Food Bank

    Apart from this celebration, ABM College is working for a good cause to help those who are in need by partnering with The Magic of Christmas and The Calgary Food Bank. 

    As an ending note, all of us at ABM hope that you’ve all had a fantastic year, and look forward to you joining us in embracing the challenges and opportunities that await in 2024!

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