Key differences between UI and UX

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    he UI/UX diploma is focused on preparing students as professional UI/UX Developers. This field can be confusing for many as the UI and UX components are intertwined. Before moving ahead with this course or if you are planning to be a UI/UX designer there are certain differences which need to be considered. We will be defining both core components in this article, their differences and who is apt to the two professions. If you are debating whether this would be the right job for you, read on. 

    In the last decade, UI and UX design is gaining popularity in the tech industry. Usually paired as UI/UX design, tech companies prioritize them in order to build winning products. With this, we can help the populace to use a product with ease and pleasure. Although quite different, together they help shape and distinguish a product. 

    Understanding the core aspects of UI and UX

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    UI is defined as user interface design. This is basically how a user interacts with a digital service or product. It incorporates screens, touchpads, keyboards, lights, and even sounds. In short, it is the human-first approach to designing the aesthetic experience of a product. It is applied to digital products only and focuses on visual touchpoints that allow the users to connect with a product. This helps to create combinations of colour palettes, typography, animations, buttons, and imagery. 

    UX is the human-first approach to product design, applied to physical and digital products. The focus relies on the full experience from a user’s first contact to the last. It creates structural design solutions for the points that users encounter anywhere along their journey with the product. It results in products that delight users with their effectiveness. 

    Key differences between UI and UX

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    UX searches for solutions and UI determines the look. UX works to locate a problem that users are facing and solve it, as they are mainly concerned with the user’s expectation of a product or service. Whereas, UI creates the product’s interface built on the functional requirements of the users. This also applies design to craft a user-friendly experience on the screen. 

    UX focuses on the user journey while UI focuses on product snapshots. The audience is the backbone of UX. Based on the requirements of UX, UI will develop a design accordingly. UI designers work to create designs that turn the concept into an attractive, intuitive, and responsive interface which provides user-friendly experiences. 

    Different roles of UI and UX Designers

    UX designers are typically in charge of any product design when working with UI designers. They focus on the product’s look and feel, flow and functionality. Primarily, they are the first ones to work with marketers, business analysts, and product teams to understand what they are aiming to achieve. Once their needs are established, the target audience is defined, as are their goals to be achieved. They analyze the market data, compare the benchmarks, conduct user testing, and prepare the solution list for a better user experience. 

    Upon completion of their research and analysis, UX designers typically prepare the sketch wireframe to illustrate the content, elements, and user interactions. After this phototypes are created which add functional information architecture. Once evaluated by the team, it is then handed over to the UI designers. 

    In collaboration with UX designers, UI designers work on the specifications given to them to prepare the structure and look of a project. Following the established requirements, UI designers develop high-fidelity layouts and prepare reference guides with comprehensive styles to let developers understand the project. Once the layouts are complete, UI designers work closely with the developers to provide feedback about the project until the final version is released. In most organizations, UX designers are in charge of the UI designers. As such, they are usually in direct contact with the developers in terms of feedback and verification that the final product meets the user's needs. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. How much can you earn after completing a UI/UX Diploma?

    Since salary expectations are so important, almost every prospective student begins with this question in mind. The answer is $61,000 as an average starting wage per year, and $101,800 as an average experienced wage per year. 

    1. Is it too late to get into UI / UX?

    If you are seeking admission at ABM College, the student must meet ONE of these criteria: 1) Canadian High School Diploma or equivalent with verified transcript. 2) General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.), plus a successful interview with ABM College administration. If English is not a student’s primary language, the student must have proof of English Proficiency as follows: - Canadian Level Benchmark level 5 or equivalent, OR - The student has completed secondary school where English is the language of instruction, OR - The student has completed one year of post-secondary education where English was the language of instruction, OR - International English Language Testing System (IELTS) level 6 or equivalent.

    Final Thoughts

    Other than the above-mentioned skills, becoming a successful UI/UX designer requires proficiency in designing and experiencing new things, collaboration, and various other skills. UI/UX is a highly satisfying career that can take you in many directions. Hopefully, now you have a clearer idea about what a UI/UX Designer does. If opting into this program seems like the right career path for you then don’t delay! 

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