January 2015 Student Recogntion Event (AM)

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    On Friday January 30, ABM College had its first Student Recognition events of 2015! The college like always had one party in the morning for daytime students and one at night for evening students. Both events were both fun and entertaining.

    A block of four photos showing student appreciation day.

    For the morning event we had a special guest speaker in Scott MacLeod who was introduced by Amber, one of our Health Care Aide Instructors at ABM College. He is a clinical educator at Whitehorn Village Retirement Community.The focus of Scott’s presentation was on “How to get hired.” Scott’s shared his knowledge and insight on how to be successful for any job. Some of the points included being punctual and having a positive attitude at work. We also had an introductory speech from Doug, the new Accounting and Payroll instructor. Dr. Syed Hussain won Instructor of the month for the morning event.Of course both events included student of the month certificate awards for each program. Raffle prizes were drawn like previous events. However we introduced some fun new contests and games! Both Student Recognition events included a presentation on social media by ABM’s newest staff member, Lisa Than. Part of this presentation included a contest to see how fast students could like and comment on a recent picture posted on ABM College’s Facebook page. The first three students won a prize. There was yet another fun contest, where students had to make paper airplanes and try and glide it through a target. Anyone who made it was awarded a prize! Then students ate (it was a potluck after all!) and the successful event concluded.

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