Instructor Spotlight: Alaaeldin Saleh, Pharmacy Assistant Program Coordinator

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    BM College firmly believes that having quality instructors makes a significant difference to the effectiveness of the learning process. For this spotlight feature, we spoke with Alaaeldin Saleh, our popular Pharmacy Assistant instructor. Alaaeldin’s dual role as the program coordinator means that he takes an active hands-on approach to his students’ education, both in the virtual classroom and behind the scenes.

    Alaaeldin was gracious enough to provide us with some insight into his background, as well as offer some advice to those considering a career in pharmacology.

    Interview with Alaaeldin Saleh, Pharmacy Assistant Coordinator

    Alaaeldin Saleh the Pharmacy Assistant coordinator at ABM College
    Alaaeldin Saleh at ABM College

    Student feedback is an important metric to ensure our students receive the quality education they deserve. To what do you attribute your consistently positive reviews?

    “I believe these reviews value - not only me as an instructor - but also the efforts of everyone at ABM College. From the receptionists to the admission officers to the Education manager, we are all doing our best to support our students and let them feel welcome in a safe learning environment.”

    Theoretical knowledge is great, but having an instructor who knows their industry based on first-hand experience can be invaluable to students. What was your experience before teaching at ABM College?

    “I am a pharmacist by profession, graduated in 1995. Since then I have worked as a pharmacist at Community Pharmacies, Hospital Pharmacies, and Military Pharmacies, as well as Medical Sales Manager at Leading Pharmaceutical Companies. I have been working at Specialty Pharmacies since 2018, and before that, I used to work as an e-Commerce Operation Manager in the retail industry.”

    That’s an impressive variety across multiple sectors. Aside from your fieldwork, can you tell us a bit about the teaching experience you bring to your class?

    “Since 2001, I have been involved in training healthcare professionals, junior pharmacists, and professional sales representatives. Before teaching at ABM, I used to teach Pharmacy Assistant Diploma, as well as Medical Office Assistant Diploma at a different institution. I have been teaching both AM and PM Pharmacy Assistant Diploma classes since 2022. Now, I am the Pharmacy Program Coordinator at ABM College as well.”
    Pharmacy Assistant Class at ABM College during an online class session
    Pharmacy Assistant Class at ABM College

    With more than two decades of teaching experience, what’s the most rewarding part of the process for you?

    “I feel satisfied both on a personal and professional level when I positively change a mindset or someone's life through training or career education. I remember the first time I applied for a teaching position; I got hired because of the way I managed to show my skills in time management. That is why this is my first piece of advice to my students and to anyone having an ambition to make a change in their career to be a pharmacy assistant, manage your time, and never procrastinate.”
    “It is the look in my students' eyes when they graduate that makes me happy, that I was one of the pillars of their achievement. I was an important chapter of their success story.”

    As someone committed to transforming careers and lives through education, can you share how your teaching philosophy and experiences align with guiding students toward success?

    “My father used to be a teacher, and during my study at the Faculty of Pharmacy, I used to have all the respect for my professors, and to do my best to get more of their experience. This is my second piece of advice to my students. Do your best to get the most out of your instructor's experience. Ask questions, read more, and participate in various activities.”
    “I believe my students are not only motivated by the information I am teaching them, but with the level of communication and the way and process I am simplifying this information. I am lucky that my students are coming from various backgrounds and different cultures. These factors are allowing me to improve myself, and my communication skills, and refine my teaching style to be able to deliver my message to all my students. I am always keen to have all my students on the same page, making sure no one feels neglected or left behind.”

    Virtual Info Session

    An announcement of ABM College's upcoming virtual info session for the Pharmacy Assistant online diploma program
    Virtual Info Session on December 12, 2023

    ABM College is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a free virtual info session for our Pharmacy Assistant diploma program on Tuesday, December 12, 2023. Alaaeldin will be on-hand alongside his colleagues in career services and financial aid to provide an overview of the program and to answer all your questions.

    Register Today!

    As an exclusive bonus to attendees, if you decide to enroll in ABM’s online diploma program, you can qualify for a bonus $500 course completion award. If you are debating pharmacology as a career option, we highly encourage you to attend the session to determine if it is the right path for you.

    Final Thoughts

    Pharmacy Assistant Class at ABM College as a tribute to their instructor Alaaeldin
    Pharmacy Assistant Class at ABM College

    Alaaeldin's teaching philosophy emphasizes the transformative power of mentorship. His advice to aspiring pharmacology professionals reflects theoretical prowess and the wisdom gained from real-world industry exposure. Alaaeldin's passion for positively influencing lives through education is admirable, making our upcoming virtual info session an excellent opportunity for prospective students to engage with him directly. 

    Contact us now to learn how you can earn an online diploma as a Pharmacy Assistant in just one year.

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