I want to apply to ABM College, but how do I get started?

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    Applying to any college can be intimidating, especially when you are unaware of the admission process. Here at ABM College we work hard to make our admissions process simple and easy.

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    The best way to learn about our admission requirements is through a meeting with one of our admissions counsellors. During this meeting you will be walked through the entire ABM College admissions process and given the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish. Our admissions counsellors will also discuss career goals with you in order to help you choose the best program available. From credit transfer options to fees, ABM College admissions counsellors will provide you with all of the information you require in order to make an informed decision.After meeting with our advisers, we encourage potential students to take an ABM College Campus Tour. This tour will help you learn more about ABM College students and life at ABM College.
    At ABM College we keep our admissions process simple and easy; there are no deadlines, no pressure, and no lengthy exams or essays. Simply contact us online or book a meeting with one of our admissions counsellors to get started.

    When you’re ready to enrol at ABM College follow these simple steps:

    1. Fill out the ABM College admissions form

    Shortly after your informational meeting with an ABM College representative you will be required to fill out our admissions form. This one page form allows us to review your educational and career history.

    2. Complete the ABM College entrance exam

    ABM College requires potential students to complete the ABM College entrance exam. This exam helps us to identify your interests, abilities, and talents. ABM College bases student admission on test results.

    3. Interview with our admissions counsellor

    This interview is an information gathering session. The ABM admissions counsellor will have the opportunity to learn more about you (beyond what is reflected in the entrance exam) and you will be have the opportunity to learn more about ABM College’s student-oriented services and academic environment.

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    Free College
    Information Kit

    Get started on the road to becoming an ABM College graduate today with our free information kit. In it, you will learn about all of the exciting programs we offer, our philosophy, information about our campuses, and lots more.

    Note: For students requiring a study permit, please see our International Students form here.

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