How to Get Ahead of the Covid-19 Pandemic as an Education Assistant

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    Pandemic Doesn't Mean the End

    As an education assistant, or someone considering the career, this pandemic may bring up uncertainty for future job prospects. The education industry is one of the industries that has taken a major hit. There are various adjustments that academic staff made to accommodate the needs of students. The biggest one is the current online learning system, that unfortunately resulted in major lay offs within the industry.

    This situation is expected to change once school open their buildings again and life returns to normal. The demand for education assistants is expected to increase due a shortage 1,000 employees within the industry by 2028.

    What Does an Education Assistant do?

    As an education assistant you play an important role in the lives of your students, teachers, as well as, parents. This involves preparing learning materials for students, supervising in-class activities, assisting students with their assignments, among other essential tasks.

    The primary role you have is to support students and you work alongside teachers to achieve this goal. This can translate to supervising the classroom when the teacher has to step out for various meetings throughout the day. You will find work in more than just an elementary school, as day cares can also benefit from your assistance. If you have the desire and patience to work with children you will be successful in this field.

    Why Education Assistant?

    There is expected to be around 109,500 new jobs added between 2016 to 2026 in this industry. This means upcoming job opportunities for graduates, as well as, current industry professionals.

    This industry is growing at an average rate of 8 per cent which means a steady need for education assistants over the next six years. The stability is expected to return to normal once this pandemic clears up.

    In 2016 there were a total of 1,308,100 jobs available for education assistants.
    These numbers will only increase once students return to physical schools in the fall, as demand will return to pre pandemic figures once life resumes its normal course. 

    How Long Does it Take?

    Various colleges in Calgary offer the Education Assistant program, which can be completed within a year depending on the institute you are with. There are also online education options that you can take advantage of during this pandemic, and be job ready once schools open.

    Post secondary education can seem daunting if you have a busy home life, or a full time job. This is why colleges that offer flexibility are helpful, and can guide you towards a successful career despite the social distancing in place right now.

    What Can you do to Get Ahead?

    During this pandemic you can enrol in online education and complete your course. This will have you productive while social distancing, and building up for a successful career. 

    Alternatively, if you are already qualified, you can brush up your skills for your resume. This can be in the form of working from home, if possible with your employers, or taking skills classes online. 

    You can take advantage of the pause that life has come to, by continuing to make career moves so once the pandemic ends, you will be in the best position for employment. 

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