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Health Care Aide Lab

Healthcare aids attending to a patient on a medical bed.

One of the most popular programs at ABM College is the Health Care Aide Certificate. Here students learn to identify and respond to patients' emotional and physical needs. Students who graduate this 22-week program will have an interest in helping elderly patients, patients with mental health issues, dementia, and patients with special needs.

ABM College is equipped with a state of the art laboratory where students gain hands-on experience before going out into the working world. In the lab students learn and practice checking vital signs including blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels in blood and temperature. Students will also be practicing weighing and measuring patients. The lab also consists of a mechanical lift with sling, sit-to-stand machine and transfer belt to assist with lifting and supporting patients. Other lab lessons include mouth-care for conscious and unconscious, dressing wounds, colostomy care, complete bed baths and compression stockings. All of these lessons that are taught and practiced in the lab give the students the confidence they need on the job. Interested? Enroll in the Health Care Aide program today!



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