Graduates Celebrate Success at ABM College Spring Convocation 2022

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    ongratulations to all the graduates of ABM College’s Spring 2022 Convocation. 

    Held at Jack Singer Concert Hall in the heart of Calgary’s downtown on May 17, graduates of healthcare, business, and technology programs walked the stage and received their hard earned diplomas. 

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    It was a wonderful experience for the attendees with many alumni sharing their success stories about their journey of completing their respective programs and stepping into their dream careers after. 

    Carla Branco took the Education Assistant program and now works with the Calgary Catholic School District. 

    “Like many of you, I had to juggle various roles I have in my life while I was studying,” she said, discussing her role as a daughter, a mother, a wife, and a worker. 

    Branco mentioned that she worked in many industries throughout the years but could not find her calling. This included retail, working front desk at different offices, and more. 

    “None of these jobs made me feel like I was accomplishing something in life, so I decided to change that by enrolling in ABM College, and today I am able to do what I really love and am passionate about,” she said. 

    “Every day, I am able to wake up and feel like I am making a difference, that I have accomplished something. I get to help kids achieve their academic goals. I truly feel like I am doing something that I was meant to do.” 

              Graduates celebrate successful completion of their programs in healthcare, business, and technology. Click on image to view Photo Gallery

    Edgar Guillermo of the Pharmacy Assistant program also shared his story. 

    “When I started the Pharmacy Assistant program, I decided to quit my full-time job, take the risk, and work part-time,” he said.  

    “I was hired as a pharmacy assistant halfway through my practicum. I would like to thank the ABM pharmacy admins for helping me.” 

    Valedictorian of the event was Yealyn Pe from the Addictions and Community Service Worker Diploma program

    “Today we are celebrating hard work, perseverance, patience, empathy, and knowledge,” she said. “It is not easy to take the first step in learning.” 

    Graduates expressed that no matter what hardships they faced in life, whether it was  underemployment, immigration struggles, or losses of loved ones, they were resilient in achieving their dreams of getting their diplomas. 

    ABM College wishes its alumni success in their future endeavors, and reminds them that employment counsellors are available to them whenever they need their help to contribute to their employment search. 

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