Duties of a Dental Office Administrator and Related Professions

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    any aspects make a dental office run smoothly, and the role of a dental office administrator is key in making that happen. They do the organizational work so that other professionals, like the dentist, can focus on providing the best care for clients. 

    Dental office administrators are a necessary and irreplaceable part of the dental office and the dental health system. In addition, there are many different roles in any healthcare clinic, and the same goes for a dental office. 

    When we think about getting dental help, we often think solely of the dentist. However, many other people working in the office have key responsibilities that the office cannot do without, and this includes dental office administrators, assistants, hygienists, and more.

    In this blog, we’ll go through some of the duties that a dental office administrator may perform in their day-to-day activities, many of which they learn through a dental office administration diploma. As well, we’ll go through other professional roles in the dental office and how they are different from one another. Let’s get into it: 

    Key Duties of a Dental Office Administrator

    Being the main point of contact for clients 

    As a dental office administrator, you’ll be responsible for booking appointments with clients based on what they need, whether it’s a cleaning session, a consultation, a dental emergency, or anything else. Many professionals work in a dental office aside from the dentist such as dental assistants, technologists, and hygienists, so you’ll need to know what kind of appointment you need to book for which professional. 

    Clients may ask you many questions, so it’s important to be friendly and personable. A dental office administration diploma will teach you everything you need to know to interact well with clients and build a solid, loyal clientele base for your workplace. 

    Dealing with insurance and billing 

    Many people may approach a dental office administrator about a problem regarding their oral health but may be conflicted about getting a treatment done because they are unsure about their insurance or the amount that they’ll have to pay. It’s the job of the dental office administrator to ask about any insurance they may have and educate the client about their insurance offers or other options available. 

    This is important so that clients can get treated properly and fix any discomfort or issues they are facing. It is a key component in dental office administration diploma courses. You’ll also learn proper accounts and bookkeeping practices to make sure that both the office and clients are happy. 

    Managing client records 

    Another important aspect of dental office administration is keeping a record of the appointments that a client has had and the dental work or procedures they have gone through. It’s necessary for the ongoing maintenance of a client’s dental health and may help resolve any issues they face in the future. 

    This can involve written documentation, organizing files such as teeth x-rays and rendering, updating spreadsheets with personal information of the client, and more. A dental office administration diploma will teach you everything you need to know related to this, such as learning the proper software to use, what the documentation procedures are, and how to deal with sensitive information. 

    Various Professionals In the Dental Field 

    Dental office administrators

    Dental office administrators are in charge of all the clerical and administrative duties in a dental office. They usually record information in documents, are involved in more social aspects of dealing with clients, and make sure that there’s sufficient dental equipment in the office for the needs of other dental professionals and the clients. A dental office administration course online will help you gain these skills. 

    While not always involved in directly treating patients themselves, they still play a part in helping out with clients’ oral health by scheduling appointments at convenient times for the appropriate reasons or procedures and dealing with insurance claims so that clients can get the care they need that’s within their budget. 

    Dental assistants 

    The term dental assistant is often broad and can refer to those with dental office administrator duties or additional responsibilities in the dental office. Dental assistants can do all the clerical duties and also help the dentist in charge with their work. If a dentist is doing a complex procedure, they may need a dental assistant by their side to help them with some of the minor tasks. 

    The responsibilities of a dental assistant can change depending on the type of dental office they find work in or what their employer needs are, sometimes they may only do receptionist work and other times they will be more involved with dental procedures.

    Dental hygienists

    Dental hygienists normally do not do clerical work, but rather are involved with direct patient care and maintaining/improving their oral health. It is usually the dental hygienists who are performing tasks such as taking x-rays, conducting teeth cleaning procedures, and most other dental work that doesn’t require the dentist to be there. 

    Professionals in the hygienist role are usually free to assess, diagnose, and treat certain dental conditions, and advise the clients for at-home maintenance and care, or when they would need to come in for another appointment. Often they spend the most time with clients for their care and establishing rapport. 

    Final thoughts

    All the professionals mentioned above have a variety of roles in a dental office setting with different scopes of duties and responsibilities. Taking a dental office assistant course online is a great option if you have an interest in working with clients in the healthcare field, but do not want to do the work that deals directly with engaging with patients’ bodies. 

    If you’re looking to get a head start in the dental field, ABM College’s Dental Office Administration online course will get you career-ready in just 53 weeks. With this diploma, you’ll be ready to work and advance in the dental office or pursue further education while already having dental experience. 

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