Business Administration Jobs You Can Get With A Diploma

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    Business Administration diploma can be useful in many ways. Whether you’re looking to get into business related jobs, starting your own business, or already have a business and want to enhance your skills, getting an education will help you learn everything you need to know about the industry. 

    Business administration is a very diverse field, and there’s many different career paths you can take with business administration qualifications. Job seekers will find that they have the aptitude that’s required for a variety of different full time jobs. That’s because business administration gives you the whole package — from marketing to economics, financial and managerial roles, you will have a full spectrum of qualifications that you can explore for the long term. 

    Careers in Business Administration

    Careers you can get in business administration include: Office Manager, Business Strategist, Entrepreneur or Business Owner, Marketing Associate, and Human Resources, among many others.

    Office Manager

    If you like to take care of the day-to-day activities and duties of an office, then this could be the job for you. Office Managers handle the administrative tasks of the office to make everything run smoothly, including managing databases, organizing meetings, managing budgets, dealing with correspondence, and liaising with staff, clients and suppliers.

    You may also need to supervise other employees in a fair and accurate manner. Duties vary depending on how big the company is, the kinds of things it needs to deal with and what the organizational structure is. An Office Manager may take on a multitude of different roles, especially in the case where there might not be enough work to want to hire more people. 

    Business Strategist

    A Business Strategist typically develops different strategies in order for a company to gain more business and expand, thereby creating more profit for the company. You’ll need to understand the goals associated with the business, analyze data and conduct research. Your strategies will help the company implement new changes that will positively impact their trajectory.

    Business Strategists will need to have a comprehensive understanding of the company and its needs, working with different departments to help find solutions to company problems and to help their growth. Overall, you will create targets for the company and establish how the company can reach those targets. 

    Entrepreneur / Business Owner

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there’s been more of a push from communities to support local businesses. While many companies have faced losses and shut down, there’s also been an abundance of new ventures that have opened up, even more so than the amount that had to close shop.

    For people who have a business background, you’ll have more knowledge on what the right decisions would be to open your own small business (in any kind of economic climate). Many people also start their own companies without knowing much about business. If you see potential in a company that is struggling, you might also be able to offer your efforts to help them become more stable.    

    Marketing Associate 

    Marketing associates plan marketing and advertising activities. This role allows you to get more creative by coming up with campaigns, developing branding and brand awareness, and making different types of materials to distribute to the public. You’ll do market research and use data to find out what technique is or is not working, and continue to support the company that way.

    By learning the behaviours of your customers and target market, you’ll be able to understand and forecast trends to help attain customer satisfaction. This role will require problem solving, and analytical skills. 

    Human Resources

    As Human Resources, you’ll have a hand in recruiting and hiring people who will use their skills and talents to enhance the purpose of the business you’re in. You’ll be the main source and point of contact for employees who may be experiencing any issues or have questions about engagement or their employment status.

    You’ll be dealing with different aspects related to HR including employee compensation and benefits, legislation, compliance, and working to enhance the learning and professional development of the people at the company. Conducting performance reviews may also be in your scope of practice, based on the organizational objectives and values that the company has set out. 

    Doing Business and Beyond

    Learning about Business Administration programs is a great first step to achieving your goals. Ivan Padilla, an instructor of the Business Administration program at ABM College highlights the key learning outcomes of the course and advantages in this video: 

    You can even go beyond the business sector directly and become a business journalist, teacher, event coordinator, or do legal work. The possibilities depend on you and what you would like to do with your newly acquired business knowledge. 

    As well, you always have the option of advancing your career by getting further education, should you need it or choose to do so. 

    The occupations page at ALIS is available for you to browse for more careers in business administration in Alberta. This will give you both an overview and detailed description of more jobs, many of which require 2 years of post-secondary education or less. 

    You can also read about the many reasons why you should study business administration or visit our blog for more of the latest career information and industry news.  

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