ABM College November Graduation 2023: Celebrating Success and Empowering Future Leaders

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    raduation, the grand finale to academic adventure, marks a pivotal shift from classroom chronicles to professional pursuits. It's the climax after months of burning the midnight oil and balancing lectures with life – family, friends, work, and countless other responsibilities. Yet, within this tapestry of challenges, an undeniable truth emerges – the struggle to get here pales against the glory of this triumph.

    On November 17, 2023, Calgary's iconic Jack Singer Concert Hall was filled with more than 1,200 celebrants, all gathered for ABM College's Fall Graduation. The familiar venue served as the ideal backdrop for our tenacious graduates, proud supporters, and dedicated mentors. It is a day that will undoubtedly be etched in their collective memory, illuminating the path to their future.

    Dr Mohammed Baten, President of ABM College

    Dr Mohammed Baten congratulating a proud student at ABM College's Fall Graduation
    Dr Mohammed Baten image by ABM College

    It is always a proud day for the president of ABM College to honour the success of the latest batch of graduates. Dr Baten addressed the graduates about the importance of lifelong learning. He emphasized that so long as we continue to strive towards excellence, nothing is ever truly out of reach.

    Securing a diploma serves as a stepping-stone towards a greater ambition. Equipped with fresh skills and knowledge, the ultimate aspiration is to wield that education in a thrilling new professional chapter. The president and ABM’s employment services team stand committed to guiding every student seamlessly into their desired career. To that end, Dr Baten asserted the ABM College motto ‘Education that Gets You Hired’:

    He further added, “If any ABM Graduate doesn’t get a job within thirty days of their graduation, they can visit me.”

    Esteemed Guest Speakers

    Guest Speakers image by Parmeet Singh

    ABM College was pleased to welcome several guest speakers to offer their personal support, encouragement, and invaluable advice to the assembled graduates. The diverse lineup included program coordinators, local MLAs, and many local business owners:

    • Kathy DuGray  –  ABM Addictions Program Coordinator
    • Gurinder Brar  –  MLA Calgary North East
    • Parmeet Singh Boparai  –  MLA Calgary Falconridge
    • Kathleen Ganley  –  MLA Calgary Mountain View
    • Andre Chabot  –  Councillor Ward 10
    • Dan Driezen  –  ESW, Professional Services Manager
    • Simi Anand  –  Revital Health Physio and Massage, Operations Manager
    • Lucia Liu  –  C and C Educenter Limited, President
    • Carol Youngman  –  CBI Health, Manager of Clinical Excellence
    • Chino Gapido  –  Ohana Care, Care Manager

    Although unable to attend in person, congratulatory messages were provided by:

    • Dr Shivani Anand  –  Cybersecurity Instructor
    • Danielle Smith  –  Premier of Alberta
    • Jyoti Gondek  –  Mayor of Calgary
    • Mickey Amery  –  MLA Calgary Cross

    The Real Stars Take the Stage

    A proud graduate walking the stage after receiving his hard-earned diploma
    Image by ABM College

    As with every graduation ceremony, the real stars of the show are undeniably the graduates themselves. Each one of them poured their heart and soul into reaching this milestone, deserving every ounce of recognition and applause for their hard-won achievements.

    Just before the long-awaited procession, Juliet Ledesma stood in front of the crowd to deliver a heartfelt and bittersweet valedictory speech. The Business Administration graduate reminisced about her journey and the struggles she faced and overcame to be standing on that stage.

    Dr Baten proudly handed out diplomas to 340 students representing ABM’s spectrum of career programs. Emotions ran high amongst the graduating class and their supporters. While many were local Calgarians, others journeyed from far corners of the country to celebrate the event. A diverse mix of friends, family, esteemed guests, classmates, alumni, instructors, and the dedicated ABM staff stood witness, as one by one, each graduate walked the stage to collect the symbol of their great accomplishment.

    Photo & Video Gallery

    We proudly invite you to enjoy the following visual retrospectives of this momentous occasion:

    Final Thoughts

    340 graduates celebrate with a traditional hat toss to commemorate the occasion and get a great picture
    Graduating Class for Fall 2023 image by ABM College

    ABM College’s core objective is to help students succeed in the career path they have chosen. Regardless of previous education, work experience, or financial status, we believe that everyone has the right to pursue a brighter future. Every graduation ceremony is a testament to the unwavering commitment we hold to transforming student goals into accomplishments, fostering an environment where dreams are within reach, and hard work pays off.

    If you are looking to write your own success story, we would be honoured to aid you on your journey. ‍Contact us now to learn more about ABM College’s program options and find the one that is right for you.

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