A Day in The Life of A Dental Office Administrator

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    visit to the dentist is par for the course on the journey to adulthood. Everyone gets to have one, or some teeth removed or braces fixed or get checked for cavities, tongue health, and so on. But it doesn’t end there. Even as adults, there’s the occasional need to see a dentist. But you wouldn’t just pick up the phone and expect to speak directly to a dentist, would you?

    Well, there’s someone else answering the phone, and managing the schedule of the dental office so everyone can get the specialist’s attention. That, in a nutshell, is the core of a Dental Office Administrator’s job description.

    What do they do?

    Dental office administrators, or DOAs, are trained professionals who manage the administrative functions of a dental office. They take calls from patients, confirm appointments or reschedule them, and help patients settle in before consulting with a dentist, or getting into the dental chair. They also correspond between the office, and insurance companies. They manage records of patients, manage personal and organisational billing effectively correspond between the dental practice and insurance companies as well as help dentists to keep tabs on appointments, referrals, and other allied functions.

    female patient in a dental chair - dental administrator assistant program
    Female patient in a dental clinic. Source: freepix

    Because they have to speak to many people every day, Dental office administrators are expected to be skilled in communication. They must ensure that they effectively correspond between the dental practice and insurance companies, transmit the correct information from patients to dentists, and vice versa, while managing other communication functions effectively.

    Dental office administrators are also expected to understand dental terminology and software. They must also be able to correspond between the dental practice and insurance companies effectively. By deftly addressing the interests of dentists, patients, and allied agents, DOAs make the office run smoothly. 

    How to Become a Dental Office Administrator 

    All you need to become a dental office administrator is a diploma course in the field. The good news is that this course is available at ABM College, Toronto.

    dentist attending to a patient
    Dentist attending to a patient. Source: Cedric Fauntleroy, Pexels

    While taking the 53-week-long course, a few of the things you will learn include healthcare communications, dental software management and application, and dental terminology. This is in addition to instructions on Microsoft Office applications like Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint, dental insurance, financial systems and so much more.

    The program is divided into two parts: online classes and practicum. The practicum is a 4-week placement in a dental office where you will get hands-on experience in running a dental establishment. During the practicum, you will understudy experienced DOAs, and acquire real-world skills that would ensure you get hired, and help you succeed on the job.

    Job prospects

    With a Dental Office Administrator diploma, you are eligible to apply for a number of roles including Dental Office Administrator, Dental Office Receptionist, Dental Administrative Manager, and Dental Administrative Assistant. 

    Final Thoughts 

    If you like to organise and coordinate people, and if you also have an interest in working in the medical field, then the Dental Office Administrator course is the best fit for you as you can easily blend both passions into a fulfilling career. You would be right at the centre of operations at a dental office, helping to seamlessly connect dentists with patients, and everything else.

    Available in ABM College, Toronto, the Dental Office Administrator Diploma is a 53-week course split into 49-week in-class, and 4-week practicum sessions that would give you every theoretical and practical information you need to succeed.

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