5 Steps For a Successful Career Change at 30

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    Making a career change at 30 is possible once you have your steps in order, and understand the reasons why you are seeking a different job. It can seem like a terrifying endeavour, but when there are signs you may need a new career, it's time to make the jump. At the age of 30, you still have 35 years of work left, if you plan to retire by the age of 65. This gives you plenty of time to build a satisfying career. 

    According to a survey conducted by Indeed, 87 per cent of the respondents who said they made a career change, reported being happier since. This is among the top reasons to make a career change, which can oftentimes involve going back to school. College education can help you make an effective career shift into a new industry.

    Personal and professional responsibilities at age 30 often allow room to make a life changing decision such as a new career. This is more than just finding a new job as you will be starting over in a different industry. 

    Before you begin the process of pursuing your chosen career, here are five steps to help you on your new journey.

    Networking for a career change

    1. Figure Out Your Dream Job

    The first step involves understanding what you want to do. There are various personality tests you can take that can help you understand yourself. These tests look at your strengths, weaknesses and areas of interest to help you narrow down which career is best for you. 

    2. Try Volunteering 

    Once you know the role you want to pursue, try sampling it out to make sure you actually enjoy it. Look for volunteer or job shadowing opportunities in your industry to see what the role involves. 

    3. Build a Professional Network 

    This goes without saying, but a professional network is front and center when it comes to finding employment opportunities. After you decide on the career path you will pursue, begin looking at networking events in that industry. Create a list of events you can attend, and go make some professional friends. 

    4. Find Your Starting Point

    Now that you understand what the role looks like, it's time to find the starting line. It's important to know if you need to go back to school or not. Colleges in Calgary allow you to be job ready within a year, depending on your program of study. They offer practicums which help you gain more experience in your new industry. 

    5. Stabilize Your Finances 

    The process of shifting careers will mean a period of little to no income coming into your account. To overcome this, it's a good idea to plan how you will fund your life while you shift gears towards your new employment goals. This may be getting a different part time job while you study, relying on your savings, or simply staying in your current position while you take the steps towards your new life. 

    Starting a new career is an exciting process which can help you grow as an individual when done with proper planning. It doesn’t have to feel like an impossible task, as many Canadians do it every year.

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