5 Signs you May Need a New Career

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    Is it Time For a Change?

    With the recent Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak spreading across the globe, many industries are suffering. This can push you off of your career path, in your chosen field as the virus impact on our day to day lives. 

    Here are five signs you many need a new career 

    Laid off 

    If you’ve been laid off from your current job, this could be a sign that you need to make a new career move. Going back to school will help you in upgrading your skills to find a job in a new industry. During this pandemic there are some industries that are still thriving, such as the media industry. Enrolling in online courses can help you speed up your career.

    Stuck in the same position 

    If you’re stuck in the same position at work, without any significant opportunity of improvement, it may mean it’s time for a new job. There should always be room to improve your skills and learn while at work, and if your employer does not allow this or you have reached a blockade, it’s time for a change. 

    No Job Satisfaction 

    If your career makes you feel stuck and useless, then it is time for a change. You have to figure out how you make a difference with the work you spend most of your day doing. Job satisfaction doesn't always mean careers in the healthy industry, although they have the highest rate of job satisfaction. This is because you can directly see the difference you make in people’s lives daily. 

    You lost interest in the work

    This happens when you start to detach from the work, and is a sure sign you need a new career. The only way to engage with your interest is to perhaps find a different environment to work in. You can look into going back to school for education to learn new skills, or finding other position with on-the-job training.

    You’re here

    If you’ve landed here, it might signal that you need to make a change in your career. Take the time to analyze your skills and interests and align it with the industries that are expected to thrive in the next five years. As a result, this should give you a career path that will lead you to success.

    It can seem confusing once you realize you may need to change your career, but take it as an opportunity to achieve your dream.

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