Employment Services at ABM College – How can we help you?


We have an amazing counsellor available for current students and alumni.

employment counsellor
Carrie Corbin
Carrie brings 15 years in the public and private sector in the fields of teaching and employment counselling.

She has lived and worked in Alberta, BC, Trinidad, Colombia and China and holds a Master’s Degrees in Global Management and International Business Administration.

She is a member of the Career Professionals of Canada and the Alberta Career Development Association, as well as, pursuing certification in Adult Education, Career and Academic Advising.  Her office is located in Room 211.
Book an appointment with Carrie at careers@abmcollege.com or contact her directly at carrie.corbin@abmcollege.com

Phone:  403-719-4300 Ext. 126


We are pleased to offer you the following employment services:


Individual Consultations

We are here to help you with what you need to get your job – portfolio and resume development, job search, cover letters, LinkedIn usage and many more topics. You can request an appointment by sending an email at careers@abmcollege.com.  Please indicate in the subject line what your topic is, your student ID number, as well as, providing contact information.  We will send you a confirmation of your appointment via email.



Starting your career can be a nerve wracking experience. After all, how do you even begin to get the job you’ve spent so much time studying for in school? The conflicting pool of answers out there on the web can throw you off and leave you with more questions than solutions.
We created this eBook, with your success in mind, as a guide to get you closer to your dream job. Inside you will find some helpful tips on portfolio building, resume construction and interview preparation. 

Click here for the employment guide book (pdf)



Watch for our blogs on employment related topics. They are sure to entertain and inform.


Resume And Job Search Help

Our biggest focus at Employment Services is to help you get a job you will love. If you need help laying your resume out or deciding what to put in it, book a one on one appointment with us. We would be delighted to assist you in any way we can, short of typing it for you. We can also help you with job search and interview skills, and help you build the confidence to walk into your career.


Information Board

Located in the student lounge, you will find an information board specifically for Employment Services.  On it are job postings as well as other pertinent information about your job search including workshop schedules and sign up sheets.