Why is LinkedIn important for graduates?

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    n today's job market, it is essential for graduates to use all the resources available to them to secure meaningful employment. One of the most valuable resources available is LinkedIn, the world's largest professional networking platform. With over 740 million members in more than 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity for graduates to connect with professionals in their field, build their network, and showcase their skills and experience to potential employers.

    The benefits of using LinkedIn as a graduate are many, and it's essential to understand how the platform works and how it can benefit you. In this article, we will explore the reasons why LinkedIn is important for graduates and the benefits it can provide to help you achieve your career goals.

    The LinkedIn User Base

    According to LinkedIn's 2021 Q2 report, the platform has over 740 million members worldwide. The United States has the most members with 190 million, followed by India with 84 million and China with 53 million. The platform has seen significant growth in recent years, with a 31% increase in members in 2020 alone.

    LinkedIn is used by professionals in every industry, from finance to healthcare to technology. According to a survey conducted by the platform, the top industries represented on LinkedIn are healthcare, finance, and education. Additionally, LinkedIn has seen significant growth in remote work and freelancing, with a 55% increase in remote job postings in 2020.

    How LinkedIn Helps Professionals Gain Meaningful Employment

    LinkedIn can help you gain meaningful employment.
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    LinkedIn has become an essential tool for professionals looking for employment, and it has helped many people join the workforce over the last five years. According to LinkedIn's data, the platform has helped more than 50 million members worldwide find a job in the past year.

    One of the most significant benefits of LinkedIn is its ability to connect job seekers with potential employers. LinkedIn allows users to search for job openings in their field and connect with recruiters and hiring managers. Additionally, LinkedIn's job search feature uses machine learning to provide users with personalized job recommendations based on their skills and experience.

    Another way LinkedIn helps professionals gain meaningful employment is through its ability to showcase skills and experience. The platform allows users to create a professional profile that highlights their education, work experience, and skills. LinkedIn also provides users with the ability to publish articles and posts to showcase their knowledge and expertise in their field.

    Seven Benefits of Using LinkedIn as a Graduate

    Build Your Professional Network

    LinkedIn provides graduates with the opportunity to connect with professionals in their field, including alumni from their university or college. Building a strong professional network is essential for career growth, and LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity to do so. For example, a recent law school graduate can connect with alumni who are practicing attorneys to expand their professional network and potentially learn about different job positions. 

    Discover Job Opportunities

    Build your profile on LinkedIn for networking.
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    The platform's job search feature allows graduates to search for job openings in their field, including internships and entry-level positions. LinkedIn also provides personalized job recommendations based on a user's skills and experience. As a marketing graduate, you can search for entry-level marketing positions in your area and filter by location and experience level.

    Showcase Your Skills and Experience

    LinkedIn allows users to create a professional profile that highlights their education, work experience, and skills. The platform also provides the ability to publish articles and posts to showcase knowledge and expertise in a specific field. If you’ve studied computer science, you can highlight your programming skills and projects you worked on during your degree program and find a suitable job opening on LinkedIn.

    Connect with Recruiters and Hiring Managers

    LinkedIn users can connect with recruiters and hiring managers directly, providing an opportunity to establish relationships and potentially secure employment. If you’re a recent accounting graduate, you can connect with a recruiter from a public accounting firm and potentially secure an interview for an entry-level position.

    Research Companies and Industries

    LinkedIn helps you build professional network.
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    As a LinkedIn user, you can get insights into companies and industries, including job openings, company culture, and employee reviews. This information can be valuable when researching potential employers. A graduate of a business program can research a company they are interested in working for by reading employee reviews and learning about the company culture.

    Learn from Industry Leaders

    LinkedIn provides users with access to industry leaders through articles, posts, and groups. This can be valuable for staying up-to-date on industry trends and learning from experienced professionals. If your field of study has been journalism, you can join a group for journalists and learn about the latest trends and techniques from experienced professionals.

    Increase Visibility and Credibility

    You can also use this platform for the opportunity to increase your visibility and credibility in your field. An engineering graduate can publish articles about new developments in their field to showcase their expertise and potentially attract job offers.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, LinkedIn is a valuable tool for graduates looking to secure meaningful employment. The platform provides a unique opportunity to connect with professionals in their field, showcase their skills and experience, and discover job opportunities. Additionally, LinkedIn allows users to research companies and industries, learn from industry leaders, and increase their visibility and credibility. By taking advantage of LinkedIn's features and building a strong professional network, graduates can set themselves up for success and achieve their career goals.

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