What To Do During Quarantine To Stay On Track For Success

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    With Covid-19 cases rising across the nation and new restrictions in place to prevent the spread, quarantine has made a comeback. This leaves us wondering what to do during quarantine to get the most out of our time and be successful. Just because the world has to take extra safety measures doesn’t mean that our career goals need to be put on hold. There are numerous activities we can do to stay on the path towards success even if you have to self isolate due to the coronavirus. 

    We put together a list of tasks you can do to help you with your career while having to stay indoors, even if you are still working from home.

    Take Care Of Your Mental Health 

    This is one of the biggest and most important things you can do if you want to be successful in your life. There are various community resources you can utilize to ensure your mind is as healthy as your body. A healthy mind will help you focus better on all of your career goals. 

    One of the best ways to look out for your mental health, is to stay connected to your friends and family during this pandemic. Schedule a video chat with your loved ones daily, and let them know you care about them. Communicate with them if you are feeling stressed, down, or overwhelmed by the pandemic. 

    Set Goals For You Career

    There is something about gaining clarity on what you want, that helps drive you towards the actions required to achieve your goals. According to research conducted by Gabriele Oettingen, professor of psychology at New York University, there is a positive way to use your daydreams to help you achieve your goals. She has developed a method she refers to as “WOOP” that walks you through the process of getting clear on what you want, and how to actually achieve it.

    Learn New Skills 

    This goes without saying, but successful people are often on the lookout for new skills to learn. Sure binge watching your new favourite series on Netflix will pass the time, but adding new skills to your resume will help you in the long run. There are various benefits to learning online that speed up your path to success.

    Read A New Book 

    The purpose here is to increase your knowledge, this will naturally help you grow as a person as you learn new information. Select books about improving yourself and reaching your goals, written by authors who are successful themselves. There are various titles to choose from when browsing for a book on improving yourself from the comfort of your couch. 

    Watch A Documentary 

    If you’re not the type to dive into a book and would much rather watch something to gain knowledge, then opt for a documentary instead. There are so many different types of informative content you can get access to for free online that help you cultivate growth within yourself.  

    Learn A New Language 

    Another great way to add to your resume while you stay home, is to learn a new language. This way you can spend your time during the coronavirus pandemic productively. Aside from free resources from the local public library on various languages, you can also find material online that helps you master a new language in your free time. 

    While face masks have become mandatory in public, and social distancing seems to be hardwired into our brains now, remaining healthy and on track is more important than ever before. Take this career readiness quiz to see what steps are next for you on your journey to success

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