What role do health and well-being play in college students’ lives?

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    re you a first-time college student? Are you struggling with overwhelming obligations? There are ample questions that are flooding your mind and making you anxious. This feeling is normal as your life changes with the many new stress factors that might hold you back with deadlines and responsibilities. With this blog, we will familiarize you with the importance of health and well-being, and the resources available to help you achieve it. You can combat all your worries and anxiousness and have a balance between personal and college life. 

    General Health Issues faced by students 

    We usually see students tend to ignore minor concerns like inconsistent eating hours, short sleep, oily food intake, less water intake, no exercise, no social circles, and the list goes on. It can be hard with daunting responsibilities and commitments. As students, forgetting to look after these issues can make this your regular routine or eventually a way of life. In the long run, these issues can lead to major health issues. 

    If you are covered under student health insurance to help pay off the exorbitant medical expenses, then also you have to avoid these minor issues at an early stage. This is only possible when you focus on your personal health and start taking precautions. If you have already fallen into poor routines, then this is the right time to start modifying your personal habits and step on a positive path toward better health. 

    Importance of Mental Health

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    College students are also concerned about their mental health. There are many factors which have a negative impact on students' lives like issues related to anxiety, stress, tough competition, eating disorders, and many more. These issues can severely impact mental peace. With good mental well-being, a student must be able to recognize his own potential and manage different life challenges to come up with productive results. Colleges and universities should come up with more health-related courses so that they can educate students. With this positive conduct and judgment can be encouraged. 

    Importance of Physical Health

    This entails taking care of your body and ensuring its proper functioning. Physical fitness has been shown to improve attention and concentration. It is always advisable to maintain good physical health, and that is only possible when students stay fit and exercise with a good routine. 

    Colleges and universities should always promote physical well-being by encouraging physical activity and providing a safe atmosphere, as well as nutritional meals to their students and staff. Apart from studies, co-curricular activities should be available for students to participate in various games, join teams and compete at various levels. This will help them build good relations and incorporate team values. In addition to this, The Better Sleep Council conducted a survey on Sleep Schedules, and 82 percent of respondents would “consider one extra hour of sleep at night” to be somewhat or highly beneficial.

    Social Wellness

    Many colleges and universities these days have implemented student welfare programs and assigned team members to help students with their issues. Being a student it is essential to be social and foster good connections not only with their friends but also with the ones they are studying alongside. This helps them build positive social networks and caters to building a sense of their own identity. 

    To socialize students should involve themselves in campus activities and programs to meet and interact with like-minded people. Colleges and universities these days support many student organizations based on religious traditions, identities, and interests. Last but not least, students should never hesitate to ask for help, and likewise be ready to support when someone else is in need. 

    Emotional well-being 

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    Emotional well-being plays a vital role in student's life as it entails knowing themselves and being able to face all the challenges that life throws at them. Schools, colleges, and universities should encourage their student support staff to train the students and integrate emotional development into their training sessions. This helps to improve their overall social well-being and develop resilience.

    Nutritional Intake

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    The nutrition you consume has a direct influence on your well-being. Enhancing your nutrition intake by balancing your diet will help maintain health and prevent illness. Combined with healthy sleeping patterns and regular exercise can make them feel energized. Poor nutrition and routine on the other hand can cause impaired brain functionality. 

    Final Thoughts

    Thank you for reading this blog on What role health and well-being play in college student’s life. So, if you are a student and managing college and personal life then it’s high time to look for your health and well-being apart from studies. 

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