What Does Working Remotely Mean: A Guide For Success

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    The coronavirus pandemic may leave you asking yourself what does working remotely mean. Most of us think of remote work when the term working from home is thrown around in conversations. While working from home seems like a dream, you don’t need to wear pants and the commute is virtually nonexistent from your bed to your computer, it still requires work.

    The major difference between a remote position and working from your home is simple, your remote work can follow you wherever you go. This can mean setting up on a nice beach, in your favourite coffee shop, or simply in your bedroom. Meanwhile, working from your home will have you sitting inside your house all day. The difference is very subtle but definitely worth the extra attention to the details.

    Changing Employment Landscape

    With Covid-19 reshaping the employment landscape, many of us have shifted to working remotely and it could be the future for many businesses after the pandemic is over. According to a survey conducted by the Conference Board of Canada, nine in 10 organizations had less than 20 per cent of their workforce working remotely before the pandemic. Now this has changed to nearly two thirds of organizations with at least 60 per cent of their workforce working remotely. 

    This trend has left many of us struggling to adjust to the new home office space so we’ve gathered some tips, to help you increase your productivity and focus, with a remote job.

    Increase Productivity From Your Home Office

    Perfecting your workflow from home may seem like a daunting endeavour, but it is definitely worth the freedom it brings. While it may eliminate the challenge of a commute wasting your time and colleagues presenting distractions, there are numerous disturbances in your home to watch out for. Learning how to work from home and overcome procrastination will help you be more successful.

    In this TedxTalk, Jay Hayes, professional programmer, speaks about his experience of working from home and his tips for overcoming procrastination and staying productive. Jay has been working remotely for years, and has found that the freedom of setting your own pace in your own environment helps him be productive. 

    Here are five tips we’ve gathered to help you achieve your professional goals as part of a remote team.

    1. Set Hours

    It’s easy to let work bleed into your personal life when you’re at home all day. The workload can take over your life, if you let it. If you don’t have set hours you have to log into for your work, set some for yourself. Put it into your calendar and treat it like a regular day at the office.  

    2. Determine Daily Goals

    Another great way to ensure you remain on task during working hours is to determine daily goals. It’s more effective to overestimate how much you will get done in one day and then check off tasks throughout the day. This way you will feel motivated and accomplished at the end of the day, and if you get everything on your list done, it’s an amazing feeling. 

    3. Get Started Early

    This one isn’t only for all of the morning people out there, as waking up and starting work as soon as possible helps to increase your focus. Don’t wait to make breakfast and go through a whole morning routine, instead start the day as soon as you get dressed, and when you reach a block in your flow, pause to make breakfast. The early morning hours are good for increasing productivity as there are less external distractions to take your mind off your work.

    4. Allow Scheduled Distractions 

    Making space and time for scheduled distractions can help you increase your focus during the hours you are working. You can set up separate browser tabs and shut off your access to social media and websites you love visiting in your free time, to increase your focus while working. During your scheduled breaks, open up your social media, do the laundry, or simply go for a walk around your house. You can even multitask and add household chores in between your full time work hours, to ensure when your day is finished, you can simply relax.

    5. Mix up Your Workspace

    There is no reason to be glued to your desk in your room all day, instead look for space in your home or neighbourhood where you can focus. This way the separation remains in your mind for where you need to be productive while working remotely and where you can relax on your off time. It’s also nice to have complete freedom over your environment so you can adjust it to exactly what you need for maximum productivity.

    Overall, working remotely is the simple freedom to work wherever and however you want. There are various college diplomas that can help you build a successful remote career and keep your life under your control.

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