What Can I Do With My Legal Assistant Certificate?

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    So now that you’ve got your Legal Assistant Certificate - you’re probably wondering, what's next? There are many things that a legal assistant can do while employed at a law firm or by a lawyer. Some of these activities are: drafting contracts and legal documents, performing legal research that will help support arguments in court or at briefings, performing preliminary interviews of clients, and signing notaries - if the individual has been certified to do so. All of this is exciting work within the legal field, and it goes without saying that legal assistants are in demand within the legal field; however, did you know that there are also many opportunities for legal assistants in non-legal offices as well? Legal work is still performed in non-legal offices. For example, several medical offices, real estate offices, insurance companies, and small businesses search for individuals who have working knowledge of law practices to offer their expertise. As a legal assistant, you have a great deal of transferable skills that most employers look for. Your curiosity, investigative research skills, attention to detail, organizational abilities and stellar writing skills (to name a few), are exactly the qualities that employers look for in most administrative positions. Therefore, before you narrow your job search to only law offices within your area, you might also want to check out some of these positions which you’d absolutely be qualified for:

    • Administrative assistant
    • Insurance adjuster
    • Data Analyst
    • Technical copy writer
    • Loan officer
    • Editor
    • Grant/proposal writer
    • Mortgage processor
    • Victim advocate

    The above mentioned are a few of the many jobs that legal assistants are qualified for. If you’re having difficulty finding a legal job, or you’re just looking to amp up your resume, these professions are well-worth looking into.Also, make sure to check out your local job boardsto aid in your search of the perfect job for you! For more information on the Legal Assistant Certificate, be sure to check out ABM college!

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