Truth and Reconciliation Day: A Journey towards healing 

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    s a community, we observe this Day of Truth and Reconciliation as an opportunity to remember the tragic injustices inflicted upon the Indigenous peoples in Canada. It is a day to reflect on the value of truth and healing, as we attempt reconciliation between the past and the present. A necessary first step to move forward together for a better future, with a commitment to meaningful action and positive change. We must strive to create an environment where Indigenous peoples can share their stories, be heard, and feel that their humanity and thoughts are respected.  

    This blog will help you delve deeper into the significance of this day and the steps in the future we must take to build a more inclusive and compassionate society.

    The Origin of Truth and Reconciliation

    Orange Shirt Day was first established in 2013, as part of an effort to promote awareness of the Canadian residential school system and its profound impact on Indigenous communities for over a century.

    The Significance of Truth and Reconciliation 

    This day holds significant importance as it provides a dedicated space for recognizing and honoring the experiences of Indigenous peoples in Canada. It tells about the history of the residential schools, which is considered to be the darkest chapter in Canadian history that sought to assimilate Indigenous children.

    It is an acknowledgement of the importance of truth-telling, understanding, and healing that Canada has established this national observance. As a result, it creates awareness about the intergenerational trauma caused by the residential school system and encourages communities and individuals to engage in reconciliation activities. 

    In addition, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation supports the reconciliation process between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. In order to foster greater understanding, respect, and inclusion for Indigenous cultures, traditions, and rights. It promotes dialogue, education, and action. As a Canadian, this day is a valuable opportunity to build a sense of community based on respect, empathy, and equality for all.

    Honoring the Truth

    Whatever the situation or condition, truth should always be acknowledged and honored. The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation provides a platform to confront the painful truths of Canada's colonial history, particularly the residential school system, which caused immense harm to Indigenous communities. It is a day to reflect on the atrocities committed against Indigenous children and families and to acknowledge the intergenerational trauma that persists to this day.

    By recognizing the truth, we can begin to heal and work towards a more just and inclusive society. This day serves as a reminder that reconciliation is an ongoing process that requires active participation from all Canadians. It encourages us to educate ourselves about Indigenous history, culture, and contributions, and to challenge the systemic racism and discrimination that Indigenous peoples continue to face.

    Educating Ourselves and Future Generations

    The importance of educating ourselves and the next generation is essential for creating a more equitable and prosperous society. Educating ourselves allows us to gain knowledge, skills, and perspectives that can inform our decisions and actions. Educating the next generation ensures that they can learn to use their knowledge, skills, and perspectives to create a better future. 

    Building Bridges and Fostering Relationships

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    Living together makes a difference as you get to know people from different backgrounds, learn about their cultures, and build bridges which is the strongest pillar of a healthy community where everyone is treated equitably. This also helps foster relationships and understanding between people. Healthy communities encourage all people to share their voices, thoughts, and ideas, which is essential for creating innovative solutions to common problems. Lastly, living together also helps to build a sense of community and belonging. 


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    At ABM College, we come together as a single cohesive community to recognize the importance of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Let us remember that this day holds immense significance in our collective journey towards a better future. It is not solely about acknowledging the painful past, but also about committing to a profound transformation in our society.

    By embracing truth, fostering healing, and actively working toward reconciliation, we have the power to create a more inclusive, empathetic, and compassionate Canada. This day serves as a call to action for each one of us to engage in meaningful dialogue, educate ourselves, and take steps toward dismantling systemic barriers and injustices. Let us embark on this journey together and strive towards a brighter and more united future for all Canadians

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