Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Health Care Aide Certification

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    ou can work in the medical field and assist those who require extra support taking care of themselves by enrolling in a certificate program for health care aides (HCA). The program teaches you techniques to take optimal care of patients in the hospital and at home.

    HCAs are in charge of helping patients take care of themselves, which may entail grooming, bathing, and other personal hygiene tasks. You assist patients with eating, taking their medications, and performing the right activities. Some people could also require help getting in and out of beds. To inform the nurses, doctors, or other members of the patient's care team, you keep an accurate record of the patient's status. As a health care assistant, you also perform other comparable tasks to assist with patient care.

    Preema Rodrigues, Health Care Aide Instructor at ABM College, talks about the uniqueness of the Health Care Aide Certificate Program, and how it helps students gain an edge over others. She shares how she imparts in-depth knowledge about the healthcare field to her students and teaches the ins and outs of being a Health Care Aide. The techniques, communication skills, medical terminology, and relevant skills - all of these form a part of the Health Care Aide Certificate Program. 

    Let’s look at the top 7 reasons why you should pursue a Health Care Aide Certificate Course:

    Abundant Job Opportunities

    There is a considerable demand for health care assistants, with the Alberta Health Services alone employing 6800 health care aides. Apart from those, there are other organizations and establishments in Alberta that work with health care assistants. Job prospects for health care aides look bright as per Job Bank

    health care aide certificate in Canada salary range

    Flexible Work Environment 

    Once you join an organization as a health care aide, you get to work in a flexible environment. You tend to care for patients in a variety of work settings which may range from clinics to nursing homes to private residences and more. You can use your education to gain meaningful employment. Not only will you enter the medical sector quickly, but you'll also gain recognition and experience—two things that employers value and will support with additional education and career advancement.

    Step Toward LPN courses

    ABM College's health care aide certificate Calgary graduate on duty

    It is now possible to include health care aide courses and a little amount of relevant work experience as prerequisites for the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) courses. This indicates that from this starting position, you can easily pursue a higher position.

    Rewarding Career

    You'll be taking care of people who can't take care of themselves, and you'll see the impact you have on their life. The work of a health care aide is perfect for you if you enjoy interacting with others. Patients and individuals in your community who require assistance will frequently contact you.

    Ability to Travel 

    You can relocate to different regions of Canada and get employment with HCA courses without having to requalify. The job title can vary by province, and depending on your new location and position, you might need to receive some training.

    Graduate Ready for the Job Market 

    ABM College's health care aide certificate Calgary graduate helping senior citizen

    You will have a practicum that gives you job experience at the conclusion of your HCA course. You can use this to gain experience in the sector for your career. Graduates frequently start working immediately.


    HCAs have a fair level of economic stability in their line of work. No matter how the economy is performing, there is always a significant demand for qualified employees. This enables you to pursue a profession without worrying about losing your work.

    HCAs frequently enjoy long and fruitful careers caring for a variety of patients and their families. They develop relationships with their customers and support people through many trying moments in their lives.

    Final Thoughts 

    Now that you know the top reasons to pursue a health care aide certificate program, we’re sure you’ll start considering this course to fast-track your career. 

    ABM College’s health care aide certificate program can help you advance your career in the healthcare field. 

    Contact us to learn more about this program. 

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