Top 5 Trends in Mobile App Development for 2022

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    he mobile app development sphere is constantly changing, and new patterns are being brought to the forefront. If you’re a mobile app developer or want to become one, there are certain trends that you’ll have to consider implementing into your apps, lest you get left behind. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the in-demand trends that will be present for app development in 2022. 

    Minimalistic design 

    Although having a mostly minimalist design has already become common in mobile app development, there are always ways to improve and make changes. While the design can be minimalist, it should also be functional. This design is sometimes used for aesthetic purposes, but mostly for ease of navigation so that people enjoy using the app and aren’t overwhelmed. That is why it has become so popular and will continue to trend. 

    Integrating 5G technology 

    5G became a big thing in 2021, and all across the world, 5G usage is projected to increase by the billions in the next two to three years. 5G will become crucial as it will change the way that people live, and allow access to things such as safety, healthcare, and emergency services at the immediate level. All existing and new apps will need to upgrade to work with it. Whatever app you’re involved with, make sure it’s compatible with 5G technology. 

    Artificial intelligence 

    More and more applications, regardless of industry, are introducing some type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their platform. AI makes it easier to understand and target what the consumer wants with things like sentiment recognition and predictive maintenance. AI doesn’t just come in the form of a virtual assistant like Google or Alexa, there are many ways it can be used like face and speech recognition, social media monitoring, and navigation services. 

    Augmented reality 

    Augmented Reality (AR) is also becoming increasingly popular in mobile apps, whether it’s for shopping, entertainment, exercise, or anything else. AR can help you figure out what style suits you, help you with your daily tasks, and make apps more exciting and user-friendly. Take interior design for example — with augmented reality, you can look at furniture online and place it into your own home to see what it will look like. There are multiple uses of AR. 

    Consider different phone sizes

    Phones are not always the typical rectangular shape anymore. With the return of flip phones and phones that have a foldable feature, mobile apps now need to be compatible with those displays so they don’t alienate that market. This is likely a simple fix since the only major change would be to halve the display of the app in these phones when they’re not fully opened. We may also see different phone designs in the future that are unique from what we’re used to seeing. 

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