Top 5 Reasons to Choose a College Diploma Over a Degree

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    Fast Track Your Career

    Thinking about further education can be a scary thought, and understanding the benefits of a college diploma over a university degree can help dissolve the fear. Knowing the benefits of a diploma will allow you to make an informed decision about your future.

    A university degree is focused on theory, whereas, a college diploma is centered around skill-based training. It will teach you all of the necessary skills you need to help you get the job you're after. Most of the diploma courses also take less than a year to complete, which speeds up the whole process.

    Here are the top 5 reasons why you should chose a college diploma over a university degree.

    College Diplomas Get You a Job Faster

    A college diploma in your chosen career field will get you job ready faster because you graduate with industry experience. The courses offer a practicum work placement that helps finish the diploma, this allows you to practice what you learnt during class. Diploma courses are also one to two years in length, whereas, a university degree can take more than three years to finish. Graduates from college can often land employment within a few months of graduation based on their practicum work experience. More people in Canada with college diplomas have a job, than those without any education.

    Cheaper Than a University Degree

    College education costs often add up to be cheaper than university because you spend less time learning and more time earning in the industry. The cost for the time you spend studying adds up fast, and college diplomas take less time to complete.

    Focused Career Training 

    Diploma courses are laser focused on the specific industry and spend time teaching students the skills they need to build their career. You learn the most relevant information based on the best industry practice by instructors who worked in the field. 

    Flexible Learning

    Colleges also offer flexible class schedules and numerous intake dates for courses to allow you to continue working while studying. ABM College has rolling monthly intakes, which means you can start your education anytime during the year.

    Minimal Prerequisites 

    The prerequisites for university often include high school courses, which can be difficult if you never completed high school, or attended in a different country. Colleges often have relaxed entry requirements such as, pretesting to determine eligibility for courses.

    Overall, a college diploma can fast track your career and upgrade your pay within a year. This means you can change your whole life by this time next year while doing something you love.

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