Top 5 new year resolutions for students in 2023

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    very year you may be setting new resolutions which can range from reading more books, watching less television, exercising, studying more, and many other things. Even though sometimes we fail at our resolutions, those that we follow, help us live better, follow on personal growth, and give us something to be proud of when the year is over.

    Resolutions are a great method for students (including those pursuing post-secondary education) to succeed in the classroom, and we all should try to keep our resolutions. The start of the new year makes it the ideal opportunity to make improvements in the academic session.

    Here are the top five suggestions for new year's resolutions that will help you advance academically.

    Focus on Getting Things Done 

    Focusing on getting things done is a good new year's resolution.

    Sometimes it might happen that your enthusiasm to do your coursework may be eroding as a result of the continual distractions provided by friends, social media, TV shows, video games, and various other factors. You tend to procrastinate in such circumstances and things get delayed. Procrastination can also be brought on by worry and decision fatigue (when you're forced to make decisions all the time, you start to put some off).

    There are ways to stop this, though! For instance, you can:

    • Break up big jobs into smaller, more doable tasks.
    • To make learning more enjoyable and provide you with some accountability, collaborate with a friend or study partner.
    • Stop being distracted (try unplugging).
    • Put your tasks in order of difficulty, finishing the most challenging ones first to make the easier tasks feel more feasible.
    • Enjoy yourself. After finishing an assignment, treat yourself to your favourite TV series or something else you enjoy like a snack.

    Get Into a Study Routine

    It’s not necessary to finish all assignments immediately. Making a timetable where you can set aside time each day to study or work on projects might help you feel much less stressed about school. Imagine studying for a test over the course of a week for 20 minutes each day rather than three pressure-filled hours the night before.

    Establishing a productive study habit and space is essential. You may find it more motivating to spend time on schooling each day if you organize your desk and make it a calm space where you have everything you need to work and concentrate. Getting into a study routine can help you achieve your goals much faster and perform your tasks efficiently.

    Open up to Learning New Things 

    It's always enjoyable and fascinating to learn something new, whether it's a new instrument, becoming an authority on flora and animals, or learning how to code. Your passion and curiosity can lead you to some amazing new places and serve as excellent learning catalysts. It's even possible that you'll discover a lifelong pleasure or pastime.

    As a student it’s important for you to keep your curiosity alive and be open to learning new skills and gaining knowledge to excel in the field of your choice.

    A Harvard study claims that our brain is flexible. It is referred to as "neuronal plasticity." Simply put, it means that by presenting our brains with a challenge, like learning a new language or taking up a new sport, we may experience change or the formation of new connections.

    It will "rewire" our brain processes and endow us with new abilities. Your brain stays active and healthy when you participate in social interactions, intellectual pursuits, and physical activities.

    Automate Tasks to Achieve More 

    Organizers help you complete more tasks and achieve more.

    To achieve your career goals, you need to continuously fulfill your study tasks, perform within deadlines, submit multiple assignments, attend classes, and also take care of your other chores/jobs simultaneously. To get on top of all this, reminder apps are easily available technology in your pocket that can assist you in keeping your resolution of automating to achieve more.

    There are countless apps and services available today to assist you in keeping your goals and working toward completing them. These free tools can assist in offering a persistent reminder:

    Google Calendar: Helps create a recurring appointment for your tasks, such as attending classes, submitting assignments, etc. 

    Google Now: It is a personal assistant that offers information when you need it.

    Reminders (on iOS): To set up timed alarms for tasks.

    Boomerang for Gmail helps you send yourself reminder emails (Freemium).

    In addition to these frequently used apps, there are "to-do list" and task management apps that allow you to establish deadlines and milestones.

    You can make use of technology to help you ace your study goals easily. 

    Seek Guidance 

    Although it can be challenging to ask for assistance, you'll typically discover that doing so will greatly increase your chances of success. Always remember that your mentors, instructors, parents, tutors, friends, and counsellors are available to support you when you feel trapped or when you are struggling. Taking care of yourself is essential to succeeding as a student, and there are individuals nearby who are always willing to provide direction and help.

    Final Thoughts 

    The resolutions mentioned above can be a good starting point for you to move forward in the direction of attaining your career goals in the coming year. 

    Remember that your goals don't have to be lofty. Making and keeping tiny resolutions can be satisfying. 

    Enrolling in a post-secondary program can be a step toward advancing your career in the field of your interest. 

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