Top 5 Modern Business Skills For 2022

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    o thrive in a dynamic business environment, it’s important to keep up-skilling and re-skilling. You must build skills that employers want to see on your resume. Year after year these skills are becoming highly valuable. Enterprises like to hire talented professionals who keep themselves updated and are keen on learning new skills. According to a recent study by Robert Half Canada, 54% of Canadian employers plan to fill vacant positions this year, while 43% of these employers anticipate adding new jobs.

    Here are the top five business skills that you should acquire in 2022 to be on top of the employers’ list:

    1. Effective Communication
    2. Strategic Planning
    3. Critical Thinking & Problem-solving
    4. Intelligent Decision-making
    5. Adaptability & Team Work

    Let’s deep dive into each of these skills: 

    Effective Communication

    Effective Communication is key to fostering strong relationships at work and laying the foundation for a long-term client relationship. Building excellent communication skills go a long way in your professional and personal life. The focus here is to be as clear and precise as possible in conveying the message to the right audience and making it relatable. Master the five important C’s of communication for a successful career and achieve the desired results. 

    Strategic Planning

    Planning and strategizing helps tackle challenges tactfully. It all begins with analyzing the existing trends and predicting their impact on businesses. Planning to mold business strategies and incorporating changes to systems in case of uncertainties need focused skills. You have to acquire strategic planning skills to sail the business through difficult situations and have a backup ready.

    Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

    Employers now seek talented professionals who possess the ability to think outside the box and provide creative solutions to problems. They want to hire people who can propel business growth by making sound judgments, thinking critically and proposing unique, innovative ways to get things done. You can develop your critical thinking and problem-solving skills by taking up more challenges and learning brainstorming techniques. 

    Intelligent Decision Making

    Companies demand intelligent decision-making from the employees as per the situation. If you’re able to use your analytical skills to arrive at decisions for the benefit of the organization, you’ll add a lot of value to the team. Enhance your observational and analytical skills to build trust and gain confidence. So when the moment comes to make a decision, you are ready for it. 

    Adaptability & Team Work

    In today’s fast-paced environment, the working modes and cultures have undergone major changes. People are required to work from home (because of the pandemic), use technology, be more collaborative, empathetic, and most of all be ready to take initiative. Enterprises see promise in individuals who are adaptable, flexible, and team players. These unique skills make you gain an edge in the employment arena.  

    How to acquire business skills?

    These are transferable skills that you carry for life. They help you build and grow in your career. You acquire business skills through experience, learning various techniques, and enrolling in suitable business programs. 

    If attaining these top business skills is your aim for 2022, you can enroll yourself into one of ABM College’s Business Programs, and get job-ready! Learn how you can apply today or read more education and employment tips on our blog.

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