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    oxing Day has lost a little popularity to Black Friday and Cyber Monday in recent years, but it remains a peak shopping time for many bargain hunters across Canada. Let’s face it, prices have skyrocketed in the past few years on pretty much everything, so saving any money is always desirable. Students in particular can always use a financial break. Fortunately, ABM is here to answer some of your frequently asked questions about Boxing Day to ensure that you get the best deals available.

    WHO Benefits from Boxing Day?

    Ideally everyone. Retailers end their sales year on a high note, and consumers get the products they’ve been waiting for at a bargain price.

    WHAT are the Best Boxing Day Deals?

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    The “best deals” are subjective, and vary wildly depending on who you ask. For most students (beyond necessities such as rent and food), the most popular spending habits include technology, clothing, accessories, health, fitness, travel, and memberships.

    Technology in particular stands as a cornerstone in a student's life. It simultaneously serves academic, professional, and entertainment purposes. Laptops for coursework, smartphones for connectivity, video game consoles for recreation… Regardless of your current tech needs, finding a heavy discount or bundle offer can significantly help when trying to balance a limited budget.

    WHERE are the Best Boxing Day Deals?

    There are many popular options to choose from depending on the particular items you’re hunting for. While some shoppers still prefer to brave the malls, online shopping has made the experience much less stressful. Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and many others offer a convenient way to grab what you want without the hassle of wading through crowds to find an empty shelf. Online shopping also allows for significantly easier price comparisons.

    WHEN do Savings Turn into Overspending?

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    Bargain hunting can easily become a slippery slope that ends in overspending. Comparison shopping and self-restraint are always solid strategies. Set a budget ahead of time and stick to it. Most retailers lure customers in with huge discounts on a handful of items and make up the difference by selling additional products that aren’t discounted. It is best to focus your budget on discounted items since they won’t last long. Check your favorite retailer websites ahead of time as many already have sale previews available.

    WHY is the Best Stuff Always Sold Out?

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    The simple answer is you weren’t quick enough… The best deals usually require lining up hours in advance or checking out online within a minute or two of a deal going live. Careful planning and a lot of luck are mandatory. Creativity helps too though. Many stores with price-matching policies have exceptions for Boxing Day deals… but not all of them. Sometimes the best way to ensure you get the item you want is to get it from a competitor. Other stores have a price drop guarantee. If an item you buy drops in price within a month they will refund the difference. Essentially that means you can buy the item BEFORE the sale while it’s still available and still get it for the sale price. Beyond that, it often comes down to lining up early in person or being ready to check out quickly online.

    HOW Can You Save Shipping Costs Online?

    The biggest pitfall with online shopping is often shipping costs. There is little point in saving $10 when shipping costs an extra $20. If there are other items worth getting from a particular vendor, it’s often worth combining orders to earn free shipping. Every vendor has a different threshold, so keep it in mind while shopping, but don’t feel compelled to overspend on something you don’t need. It is also important to note that combined free shipping often does not apply to items from third-party vendors. Most sites have a “Sold By” filter which allows you to browse items directly from the vendor rather than third-party marketplace sellers. Combining orders with friends and family can also help you meet the shipping threshold.


    Boxing Day continues to entice bargain hunters across Canada seeking savings in a climate of soaring prices. The plentiful bargains are a welcome respite for students, often navigating tight budgets. Whether eyeing technology essentials, fashion, fitness gear, or travel opportunities, the allure of significant markdowns is undeniable. Utilizing the savvy tactics above will help you navigate your quest for savings.

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