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    ABM College Pride's it's self on providing students a smooth, and organized education experience. We value our current students we well as Alumni perspective on student experience greatly, therefore we follow up with our students to ensure we can and will do everything we can as they transition from student to employee in the work force. Here's what some of our students had to say about ABM College:

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    "I was a student at ABM College, starting in May 2012 as a part of the Health Care Aide program. I graduated after only six months and I had a good time learning in my class with my instructor and class mates. I recommend ABM College because it is a wonderful college, and has helped me find a job at a health care facility shortly after graduating." - Abdulkadir S. HCA (Health Care Aide)

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    “I was referred to ABM College and I chose this college because of the flexible hours and program start dates. I enjoy working with and helping people. I have returned to school after immigrating to Canada from Ethiopia to gain more knowledge and prepare myself for a new and rewarding career in Canada.” - Kathleen F. EST(Esthetics)ABM College has a number of programs that have helped people become who they want to be both personally and professionally. at ABM College we value both our current and graduated student opinions and suggestions for was to constantly improve programs and the school.

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