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    ABM College is looking for students to help promoteour school.ABM is looking for student volunteersfrom any program to be interviewed on camera. These interviews also called testimonials, are agreatway toexhibit the voice of our students. After the video is edited it will be uploaded to YouTube under ABM's channel, which we encourage everyone to subscribe!Some of thetopics you could be asked aboutinclude yourbackground prior to ABMCollege, your experience at ABM andyour goals after graduation.We encourageany one who is comfortable speaking. Do not be discouraged if English is your second language wewant to show caseawide range of diversitythat exists at ABM College.ABM College already has one student interview withMuhammad Riaz. Mr. Riazisenrolled in Accounting and Payroll Administration at ABM College.The video isunder ABM College'sYouTube channel andis linkedto ABM'sFacebook page as well. Muhammad did great in the interview but westill need more students. If you're interestedcome andsee James O'Connor to set up an interview. His email is

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