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Top 5 Reasons to Become a Legal Assistant

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    Where There Are Lawyers, There's Need For Legal Assistants

    Working in the legal world can be exciting, and challenging, as there are many different laws and regulations to remember. As a legal assistant you will be responsible for a lot of the details that go into preparing legal documents and helping lawyers get their jobs done.

    It’s a very professional field, which means you will have to dress up nice for work every day and perform various takes throughout your day.

    Kamaal Zaidi, instructor for the Legal Assistant course at ABM College, says that the profession demands hard work and rewards it with good money.

    “You have to work hard in law otherwise it’s a very short career, and if you do it you get used to it then everybody will want to hire you and they’ll pay you good money,” says Zaidi.

    The course is a great start towards a rewarding career.

    Here Are 5 Reasons to Become a Legal Assistant

    There’s Always Jobs

    It is a very high demanding job market, there’s always opportunities out there to find employment. You can also start your own business and subcontract law firms for work.

    “There are tons out there (jobs) because where there are lawyers, where there are legal departments, there are legal assistants,” says Zaidi.

    The pay scale is also very good when compared to other jobs in similar roles. 

    Wages*Low (5th percentile)High (95th percentile)AverageMedianStarting$16.48$27.66$21.05$20.62Overall$23.08$35.51$30.49$30.83Top$25.71$52.20$39.03$38.46

    Recession Proof Career

    The legal world is recession proof in the same way as the medical world, there will always be a need for a good legal assistant. People are always requiring legal documents, help with a divorce or injury claim, and various other tasks that don't stop during a recession.

    You Get Training From a Professional

    The instructor is often a working professional, who has real industry experience on how to perform the job. The training is focused on practice, while ensuring students learn theory too, so they are able to see how the two come together. Students also get access to the large network built by their instructor from within the field. They go on to having access to a mentor who can help them anytime during their career. 

    Flexibility to Work in Various Fields

    Once you become a legal assistant, you have flexibility to choose which industry you want to build your career in. It doesn’t have to remain focused on working for private law firms or the court house. In fact Zaidi suggests that you keep your mind open and apply to various jobs after graduation to become successful.

    Room to Grow

    Law is a field that allows room to grow as an individuals, as well as, to grow your career. Starting out as a legal assistant means you don't need all of the fancy requirements that you would need for law school, and you can still enter the industry. In Alberta, you don't need any special licensing to practice either. There is still opportunity for you to go on to become a lawyer or paralegal if you want to.

    Legal assistants are the foundation of the legal world, and do a number of tasks throughout the day. Without them, the legal world wouldn’t be able to function efficiently.


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