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    here is no doubt that the future is digital. The digital economy is embedded in every corner of our lives and it is not going anywhere. Most companies recognize that digital is the way to go as it has proven to be more efficient and effective in comparison to traditional marketing. The qualities that make digital marketing unique, modern and futuristic are also very much reflective in the job. The following qualities are reasons why you should get into digital marketing: 

    • Versatility
    • Creativity
    • Variety
    • Flexible Living  


    As the industry grows and changes, there is always something new to do and learn. Digital marketers are SEO specialists, graphic designers, copywriters, social media strategists, videographers and more. Because of this, there is no end to who you can be and what you can learn. The fields of design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and writing are a part of many industries including book publishing, news writing, production and more. 

    Choosing to become a digital marketing professional makes you a lifelong student, requiring you to learn many different things along your career. The biggest upside to this: you are being paid to learn.  


    Creativity is very important as a digital marketer. Creativity is not limited to design but it is also expressed in creative thinking as that is a powerful tool in marketing and business in general. 

    Yes, digital marketers are faced with a lot of numbers, statistics and data that is reflective of their performance and the performance of their competitors. But don’t be fooled as digital marketers constantly find themselves having to think of new ways to market their product and engage their audience. Generally, digital marketers have to think outside the box

    Are you not sure of what we mean? Here are some questions digital marketers ask themselves when analyzing numerical data:

    • What design is effective in capturing the audience's attention to increase engagement?
    • How to create a video script and layout that is creative but also has audience’s receiving our messages in a matter of seconds?
    • What articles and stories can we write to help people through the buyer’s journey to increase sales conversions?
    • What elements make up an effective social strategy? How do we numerical measure our success?
    • How do we convert social media followers to customers?
    • What combination of videos and images make an appealing social media page to increase followers?
    • What social media platforms are appropriate for our business, and how can we effectively use each platform?

    These are only a few of the many questions marketers ask, but notice how these questions cannot be answered by theory and numbers alone, rather creative thought. 


    Every day is different in this industry. A digital marketer has the opportunity to work with different people whether it is a new client, a colleague with an interesting specialty or even, engaging with audiences. One special thing about this career path is that it does not matter whether you consider yourself as introverted or extroverted, there will be a place for you in the digital marketing world from working directly with people to working behind the scenes, writing blogs or doing website work.

    Some of the many various responsibilities of digital marketers are as follows:

    • Create and revise social media strategies to attract the attention of their target audience.
    • Create branding guidelines to assist designers in the creation of powerpoints, documents, graphics, images, videos and more. 
    • Provide different samples of designs or graphic templates to choose from. 
    • Create video scripts and strategize video strategies to effectively attract viewers and send out company messages. 
    • Create blog content strategies and develop copy. 
    • Collaborate with team members on creative projects.
    • Listen to the vision of clients and create suitable visual and written content.

    Flexible Living 

    According to, a job search engine, the average digital marketing salary in Canada is $58,305 per year or $29.90 per hour. Entry level positions start at $47,057 per year while most experienced workers make up to $78,000 per year. 

    When a job is in demand, it means there is more opportunity to negotiate your salary regardless if you are working in-house or as a freelancer. Depending on your skill set, your salary will vary. All wage estimates are hourly except where otherwise indicated. Wages and salaries do not include overtime hours, tips, benefits, profit shares, bonuses (unrelated to production) and other forms of compensation. 

    However digital marketing is only one title given to marketers. If you specialize in the field of graphic design and can work in-house full-time, freelance or part-time permanent, you can make an average wage of $49,970 in Canada. Content writers, on the other hand, can earn an average of $57,500 annually while videographers can earn around $47,775 per year. Taking on multiple roles within the digital marketing industry can also vary the wage you earn. 

    As you can see, the possibilities are endless. As you step into a field that requires you to not limit yourself but to expand on what you know, be sure to stay open-minded to the many different duties and responsibilities the marketing profession can throw your way. 

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