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    Personal Support Worker (PSW) Certificate program can give you a head start on a career in the healthcare industry if you are eager to give back to your community and not just look for a job. The market has a wide range of PSW training programs that can prepare you with the necessary skills and knowledge to be a successful personal support worker in just 28 weeks. 

    Canada’s Job Bank predicts a bright future for personal support workers in Ontario. With a major focus on healthcare in the province, Toronto is currently a hot market for PSW jobs. With the profession in high demand in the Ontario region, the PSW Certificate is being picked up by many individuals to enter the field. According to the estimates of Health Canada, approximately 100,000 people work as personal support workers or have similar roles in Ontario alone. 

    Booming Employment Opportunities for PSWs

    Personal support worker helping senior citizen

    Becoming a PSW comes with its pros and cons. While you take care of the elderly, expectant/nursing mothers, the injured, patients, or those with disabilities, there’s always a chance of losing extensively sick patients as their health deteriorates. You have to be ready to deal with such sudden losses. Pursuing an online PSW certificate program prepares you for facing the challenges of the profession. 

    The PSW job opportunities are appealing according to the statistics of Job Bank Canada. Around 34,400 PSW job roles are expected to open up across Canada by 2026. Additionally, Employment Canada states that there will be other full-time and part-time positions available for personal support workers. While 60 percent of PSWs work full-time, 40 percent work part-time. This leaves an option for those who work full-time to switch to part-time and vice-versa, given the numerous opportunities that are likely to generate more employment in the future. 

    Key Benefits of Pursuing a PSW Certificate Program 

    personal support worker graduate from ABM college helping senior

    What’s your inspiration to become a personal support worker? It can be an exciting career for you where you get a chance to connect with other people to whom you provide optimal care. What are the benefits that you can expect to reap by becoming a personal support worker? 

    There are many advantages of being one, and people can grow in this profession eventually. A PSW Certificate can definitely help you gain an edge over others and be a qualified personal healthcare worker. We’ve distilled five key benefits of becoming a personal support professional. 

    The five key benefits of becoming a certified personal support worker are as follows:

    1. Job Stability and Security
    2. Strong Work Prospects
    3. Give Back to Community
    4. Fast-paced Training
    5. A Rewarding Career

    Let’s take a detailed look at each of these benefits: 

    Job Stability and Security

    The demand for PSWs has been increasing in Canada over the past few years. One of the prominent reasons is that the population of individuals aged between 65 – 84 years rose altogether by over 1.4 million. Seniors are likely to need support and care whether it’s at their home, in a senior care facility, or nursing home. Personal support workers can easily find a job right after they graduate from school as healthcare assistance is consistently needed for various individuals. Once you find work as a PSW, you are likely to remain secure and stable in that job. You’ll be providing personal care to the sick and elderly people and assisting them in performing regular day-to-day tasks.   

    You may begin your career as a part-timer, but it assures you an income source. As you gain experience, you get better full-time employment opportunities. 

    Strong Provincial Work Prospects

    Government statistics reveal that work prospects for PSWs are quite strong and promising. The Government of Canada Job Bank report published in December 2021 (mentioned above) shows that on average, the employment opportunities for personal support workers are good. The data published is for the province of Ontario, but the trend resonates with all other provinces too. The Job Bank has rated this occupation with 3 stars in terms of its demand, the highest possible rating of the Job Bank for any occupation. This demand is predicted to remain high over the next ten years. 

    personal support worker job ratings
                       Source: Government of Canada Job Bank Occupation Outlook Report

    Give Back to The Community 

    If you’ve always wanted to help others who are in need and make a difference in their lives, this career can help you achieve a sense of fulfillment and contentment. As a personal support worker, you will be spending time with patients and individuals who need personal care and take care of their psycho-social health too. 

    Your responsibilities include assisting the patients in performing their daily tasks efficiently. These include giving them meals (sometimes preparing meals), medication, helping with their personal grooming, and much more. You have to ensure that the person gets nutritive food, exercises properly, and takes medicines on time as per the prescription. You will act as a companion to the patients and may accompany them for a walk or hospital visits whenever needed. 

    So, as a PSW, you will be making a positive change in someone’s life and impacting their quality of life by giving them efficient personal care. 

    Fast-paced Training 

    One of the best reasons for you to become a personal support worker is that a PSW training program is fast and it can help you enter the healthcare field in as little as 28 weeks. You don’t have to wait for too long to get a job after graduating from the course. The Personal Support Worker Certificate program at ABM College helps you develop a wide variety of skills including medication administration, nutrition, palliative care, and more, with a focus on ensuring the safety, comfort, and well-being of clients with sensitivity and respect. Students also receive a comprehensive 12-week practicum placement to ensure they are ready to start their new careers immediately. 

    A Rewarding Career 

    A career in the healthcare industry is demanding but it pays well over a period of time. You may start at the basic pay but as you grow experienced, you can earn well. Beginners can get up to $35,000 per year on average, while experienced PSWs can make up to $58,000 per year on average. 

    Personal support worker certificate graduate salary range

    It’s not only the money but the personal satisfaction that you get by helping patients that keeps you going. They confide in you and you play a major role in letting them keep up their good health, happiness, and dignity. 

    Now that you know the benefits you can get by opting for a career as a personal support worker, let’s find out some of the qualities that are required to be one. 

    Qualities of a Professional Support Worker

    Every personal support care worker brings different qualities to this role. It requires basic knowledge of the field but qualities such as perseverance, having patience, and respecting others are assets to have. Some of the skills that are required to be a good support worker include:

    • Ability to listen and understand
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Passion for helping people
    • Respecting others and accepting their choices
    • Being collaborative
    • Belief in others’ values, culture, and needs 
    • Committed to helping others 
    • Being empathetic 
    • Keeping a positive attitude 
    • Compassion and patience 
    • Being professional – friendly and human


    We believe the above-mentioned job prospects and benefits are big motivators for you to enroll in a PSW training program. A Personal Support Worker Certificate is a preferred way of streamlining your career goals and becoming a healthcare professional. 

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