New Year New Decade: How to Set Long-Term Sustainable Resolutions For a Successful Career

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    With The New Year New Decade Approaching in 2020, Now is The Time to Start Planning For a Successful Career.

    As we head into the New Year, which brings with it the start of a New Decade, we can start to plan for a successful career. The road to achieving a fulfilling career begins by setting ten year goals. They are the building blocks of New Year’s resolutions that you will actually keep.

    Before you make goals and resolutions, it is important to remember that patience and consistency sit at the heart of success. Your goals should reflect what you can realistically do and what you can maintain in the long run.

    With that in mind, career planning can seem like an overwhelming giant staring at you as you stand there unsure how to approach it. Such a feeling is normal and means you’re ready to tackle the giant.

    We've created a simple five step process to help you become successful in your life.

    Five Steps To Sucess

    Below is the simple five step process of setting sustainable career resolutions:

    1. Get Clear on What You Want

    It may seem like the obvious step, but deciding what you want your career to be will give you the direction all of your efforts need to head in. Do some self-assessments and really check in with yourself to decide what career you want to pursue. If you already know exactly what you want to do, then you can skip to the second step.

    2. Learn a New Skill

    Once you have decided what career you are interested in, look into what skills or courses you need for the job. There are many courses that can lead you into a successful and fulfilling career in just a year. Learning a new skill will also help keep you motivated as you make your journey towards your dream job.

    3. Short-Term Goals

    As you begin to paint the picture of your future, break it down into long-term and short-term goals. Setting short-terms goals is a great way to analyze your progress and keep your motivation high as you make your career journey. Think about what you can realistically achieve in a year, in two years, and in five years. Write these down on a piece of paper and stick the paper somewhere you can see every morning and every night.

    4. Long-Term Goals

    Once you see what the short-term goals look like, you will naturally start thinking about the long-term plan. Take some time to think about where you want to be in ten years, at the start of the next decade. Write this down on a piece of paper and label it as your "ultimate career goal." This will be what keeps you on track and give you something to look forward to.

    5. New Year New Decade Resolutions

    Lastly, you can begin to work on your resolutions for the upcoming year based on the goals you just set. What actions do you need to take to reach the short-term goal you set for yourself for the end of the New Year? This should be what you are working towards and can focus all of your efforts towards right now. Break it down into baby steps of action, and these will become your resolutions for the New Year.

    The road to success does come with its ups and downs, you have set goals, and sometimes they can go off track when life happens. Always leave room for adjustments in your plans and analyze what you can do better to achieve your goals faster. Schedule in some time at the end of each month to look over your goals and edit them as you go. Building yourself up is part of what makes us happy.

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