Multiculturalism Day at ABM College, June 27, 2023

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    anada is a country that prides itself on being a welcoming and inclusive society, where people can live freely without fear of cultural barriers or discrimination. Canada holds great significance of this day by letting citizens retain their identities, hold their dignity and have a sense of their home country here too. At ABM College, Canadians from all backgrounds are respected and given the desired platform to showcase their talent and skills. 

    The president of ABM College appreciates diverse celebrations, and the staff are encouraged to participate as this is the best time to learn from everyone about their unique traditions and cultures. 

    When is Multiculturalism Day celebrated?

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    Multiculturalism Day is celebrated on June 27th. This is the day when people from different races come together and enjoy their cultural diversity. Since 1971, Canada has declared itself as a country with an official state policy of multiculturalism. In 1988, the Canadian Multiculturalism Act was passed to preserve and promote multiculturalism in Canada. In addition to this act, other policies have been adopted to further enhance the state's commitment to multiculturalism. For instance, the Broadcasting Act of 1991 also emphasized the importance of diversity in the broadcasting system. 

    If you are interested in celebrating multiculturalism day then visit the Celebrate Canada events site or view the Canadian Multiculturalism Day events map to find events and other activities in or near your community. This can be interesting for you and your family to be part of colourful celebrations taking place in different cities and locations across Canada. You can also arrange your own celebrations by inviting people from different religions and cultures and enjoy the evening with them sharing their cultural beliefs. 

    What is the Benefit of Multiculturalism?

    Societal and employment opportunities are designed to benefit all Canadians, regardless of their cultural background. Due to these policies, every Canadian has the opportunity to participate in and contribute to Canadian society equally. As a country we have grown and prospered by embracing diverse heritage and new ideas. As a result of its ideals, Canada has demonstrated its commitment to promoting and celebrating diversity at all levels of Canadian society.

    Final Thoughts

    The staff at ABM College celebrating multiculturalism
    Team ABM celebrating Multicultural Day 2023

    As we celebrate Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27th, ABM College would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable contributions made by the diverse cultural communities that make up our society. 

    We are proud to have a staff and students that reflects this rich diversity, and we remain committed to fostering an environment of equity, inclusion, and mutual respect. For many, the experience of working with people from different backgrounds is not only enriching but also expands their creative and intellectual horizons and lets them understand different cultural rituals and festivities. 

    At ABM College, we embrace and celebrate this true essence of multiculturalism, making our institution a warm and welcoming place. Click on the link below and see how ABM College staff appreciates each other’s culture and how lucky they feel working in an environment free from cultural discrimination. 

    The ABM College staff is in full swing for their upcoming Multicultural Celebrations on June 30, 2023. Stay tuned to see how they will cherish their cultural vibes showcasing their traditional costumes and delicacies.  

    We wish everyone a Happy Canadian Multiculturalism Day!

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