5 Reasons Why Mobile App Developer is a Good Career

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    obile app development is a thriving industry in which you get to use programming languages on different mobile operating systems (iOS, Android etc.) to create applications that people enjoy using. In this blog we’ll discuss five reasons why being a mobile app developer is a good career path to choose. 

    Companies need apps 

    Companies are starting to realize how important it is to have their own app. Even companies who didn’t have mobile applications before are investing into getting them developed, as they realize how necessary it’s become to target their customers that way and how useful it is for their business.

    Especially since the onset of the pandemic, many people are ditching their laptops to opt for a more convenient and portable option when they engage with technology, which mobile apps provide. Many companies hire mobile developers since they need people to build apps for them, deal with bugs, do maintenance and create new features, while also updating it constantly. 

    You can execute your own app idea 

    You don’t necessarily need to work for a company or develop someone else’s app — you can create your own. Once you’ve learned the skills that a mobile app developer needs, you have the freedom to be as creative as you want and execute it the way you want. Once you create the app, you’ll also be maintaining it and expanding it as needed, because technology and visual aesthetics change over time. 

    This way you have the ability to work for yourself and at your own pace, and don’t have to answer to anyone else (besides your customers, of course — the users of your app). If you choose to go that route and already have a little experience, you can start your own app developing business as well and expand your reach to create apps for other individuals or companies, developing a clientele base. 

    High demand and job prospects 

    Since the pandemic, most people have been working from home, and we are continuing to see that shift for the foreseeable future. Now is a great time to become a mobile app developer as people are spending more time on their phones because of this. This increases the demand and job prospects since most people want apps for different uses to be accessible, and companies, organizations, and individuals are looking to meet the demand. 

    From 2016 to 2018, 43 per cent of employers in Alberta were looking to hire programmers — which includes mobile app developers. There are many different industries that you can create or maintain apps for. In Alberta, these industries can include consulting, oil and gas, government, financial institutions and more, in addition to the programming and IT sector. 

    The reach for apps is expanding and evolving 

    While mobile application development is known as the process of creating applications for your phones and tablets — it’s not just that. There are many other different digital platforms that use mobile apps, from your smartwatch to basic household necessities like your smart fridge. 

    More and more things that we use in our daily life are becoming ‘smart,’ increasing the need for apps that can be accessible and user-friendly for a variety of platforms. As well, this industry is constantly expanding, and there is always a need for new, fresh, and exciting apps for people to use; whether it's for practical use or just for fun. 

    High Salary 

    In addition to all of the above points, mobile app developers get paid a decent salary as well. In 2021, the median salary for mobile app developers in Calgary is about $92,000 annually, according to Monster. This puts professionals in this field at a significant financial advantage, as the median individual income in Calgary is about $66,000. So mobile app developers will be making at least $26,000 more than the average person in the city. 

    The job description with these salaries doesn’t always say ‘mobile app developer’. Specific job titles and career opportunities include Android App Developer, iOS App Developer, Software Developer and Front-End Developer. 

    We hope this blog gives you some insight on why becoming a mobile app developer is a good career choice. Apps are abundant and they’re not going anywhere, so you can take the first steps to start your exciting career in App Development Course.

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