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Massage Therapy: Human Anatomy

Teacher at projection screen instructing human anatomy class.

Elsayed is one of two excellent Massage Therapy instructors at ABM College. Elsayed has quite a worldly background, having obtained a membership at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He also has his masters in general surgery in Egypt. Needless to say Elsayed has a strong understanding of the human body.

Elsayed teaches human anatomy and physiology at ABM College. As a massage therapist it is crucial to know as much as possible about the human body's structures [Anatomy] and functions [Physiology],” says Elsayed. He also believes that studying the human body will allow students to understand and adjust accordingly, when working on clients. The Massage Therapy program at ABM College is 88 weeks. Students are provided an in-house practicum at ABM College. With the increased focus on massage therapy as an important component of patient rehabilitation, this field has become one of the fastest-growing within the Canadian health care system. If the inner workings of the human body interest you and you want to learn massage to help patients, enroll in the Massage Therapy program at ABM College today!

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